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Review: ‘Heroes’ – Powerless

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the season finale of NBC’s “Heroes.” There’s nothing like motherly love. Angela Petrelli’s is nothing like motherly love. What a mother! More than Niki Saunders and Nathan Petrelli were blown away during “Powerless,” the final installment of “Generations,” the second volume of “Heroes.” I’m still picking up the pieces! […]

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the season finale of NBC’s “Heroes.”

There’s nothing like motherly love. Angela Petrelli’s is nothing like motherly love. What a mother!

More than Niki Saunders and Nathan Petrelli were blown away during “Powerless,” the final installment of “Generations,” the second volume of “Heroes.” I’m still picking up the pieces! So let’s talk about what happened.

Noah Bennet, now a prisoner of The Company, is approached by Elle, who has become increasingly disturbed by the notion that her harshly critical father, Bob, did experiments on her and then wiped her mind of those memories. We see the clear difference between Bennet and Bob as fathers.

While each has their dark side, Bennet is truly devoted to his daughter and is trying to keep her safe, while Bob treats Elle as property of The Company, and has no qualms with risking her life by pushing her beyond her limits.

Before Elle learns more from HRG about her treatment, Bob chases her out to tell Bennet that Claire is “becoming difficult.” Bennet’s rather gleeful reaction was priceless!

Meanwhile in New York, Sylar has duped Maya into making breakfast, while forcing Mohinder to help him by using Molly as a bargaining chip. Mohinder realizes Sylar has no powers, because he has the same virus that robbed Niki Sanders. Sylar, who has been searching through Mohinder’s laptop, knows that Mohinder has a cure.

Elle channels Veronica Mars by snooping around for her Company records, but instead finds Suresh’s apartment is on video surveillance via Bob’s computer. She sees Sylar holding the others hostage and decides to make her daddy proud by stopping him.

In New Orleans, Monica is held captive by one of the hoods who took Micah’s backpack. He ties her up in an abandoned house and sets it on fire.

Micah and Niki come to Monica’s rescue. Even without her powers, Niki is still tough! She beats up the hood, and rescues Monica; but Niki gets trapped in the fire after rescuing Monica, and then there is an explosion. Was Niki crisped?

West is opposed to Claire coming out about their powers. Claire, convinced it’s the only way to take down The Company, hands him his file and and essentially tells him to take a flying leap.

Shortly after that, Noah shows up, alive and well, with newly-healed horn-rimmed glasses. He’s cut a deal with Bob as a condition of his release and to protect his family — including Claire. The Company will leave his family alone if he goes back to work for them.

Molly offers to find Alejandro for Maya, but can’t find him. Realizing Sylar has killed her brother, Maya confronts him, and is killed by Sylar. Mohinder uses a mixture of his and Claire’s blood to revive and cure Maya. When Sylar sees this, he plots his escape. Elle comes to the rescue.

Elle, while still only having the use of one arm, suddenly becomes heroic, manages to knock out some very expensive windows, and zaps Sylar several times, before he escapes, albeit badly injured, with the cure.

Nathan flies Matt to Primatech Paper in Odessa,Texas. After a rather comical landing (“OK. We don’t talk about that ever again!” “Agreed.”), they encounter Hiro. All three are there to stop Adam, but for different reasons.

Poor Peter. He’s even more confused than Mohinder usually is. He attacks Hiro to protect Adam, but Matt uses his mind power to stop Peter. When Peter sees Nathan is with Matt, he is forced to think about the situation. He learns that Adam tried to release the virus in the past, because he hates people. In over four hundred years, he’s seen that human beings are cruel, brutal, and warlike. He wanted to wipe out the human race to start all over again.

Hiro teleports Adam out of the vault. Adam drops the vial with the virus, but Peter stops it in time, and destroys it. Adams fate, however, reveals there is a Dark Hiro. Adam finds himself alive forever, in a coffin six-feet under in a Japanese cemetary.

After once again saving the world from Peter and the super-powered parents, Nathan decides they have to reveal their powers to the public. With the support of Peter and Matt, Nathan calls a press conference. As he is about to reveal his secret to the public, Nathan is gunned down by an unidentifiable assailant. (I’m thinking it was HRG.)

Behind the shooting? Nathans loving mom.

End Volume Two.

Finally, we were introduced to Volume Three — Villains.

Sylar, looking like an addict in an alley, shoots up with Clairhinder’s blood – and gains his powers back. Then he goes on to play Spock.

What Worked

There were lots of twists I did not see coming in this episode, and that makes me happy. Who ever thought Hiro would go to the depths he did with Adam? Granted, Hiro can’t kill anybody, but Adam’s fate was so much worse than death!

I kind of had the feeling Niki was going to face an uncertain end, especially after she said “being a hero is what got your father killed.” The question I have about this is “will she rise again, and if so, who will she be?”

I never saw the shooting of Nathan coming, but when it happened, I knew immediately his mother was behind it. She’s just that way.

Elle’s rescue was an exhilarating resolution to the whole Sylar holding Mohinder et al hostage situation. In fact, Elle’s progression as a character was one of the most interesting aspects in an episode that was mostly enthralling. She reacts as any child would react to a parent who abuses her – by trying harder to please her abuser.

Noah Bennet is the best father in the whole world. Great fathers will go to any lengths to protect their children, and HRG does just that.

I really hope those are (metaphorical) sparks between Mohinder and Elle. They would make the prettiest couple on television! We could call them Mohelle.

The imagery in this episode was almost poetic. I especially like the scene where Maya lies dead on Isaac’s floor painting of the nuclear explosion. The black shadows in the image almost mimicked the black ooze that would come out of the people Maya killed — as well as Maya, herself.

Favorite quote of the episode? Nathan: “Listening to my mother has never led to anything good.”

What Didn’t Work

When Peter got his muscles, he lost some of his brain! I’m not talking so much about him being duped by Adam. Who wouldn’t be drawn in by David Anders? But Peter allowed Adam to blatantly manipulate him. A smarter person would most likely consider all possible scenarios before they decided to break into a top secret vault with their brain and hand over a virus that could kill almost everyone on earth to a complete stranger.

“You’re my brother.” Peter and Nathan are always saying this to each other. Nails on a chalkboard! Nobody talks this way! My twins are with each other all the time, and I have never heard either of them say “Marina, you’re my sister,” or “Alex, you’re my brother.” Neither has ever needed a reminder!

Still, the fact that this episode was the “finale,” for the winter, or the volume, or the season — depending on what happens with the Writers’ Guild strike — makes me want to pull a Dark Hiro on the media moguls who are being all Linderman with their pennies.

I’m going to miss “Heroes.” A lot. Eleven episodes is far short of the thirty we initially had to look forward to.

At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that this volume ended with a great finale, and that eventually, we should have a lot more great “Heroes” to look forward to.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Powerless” was written by Jeph Loeb and directed by Allan Arkush.

“Heroes” airs on NBC, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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