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Review: ‘Heroes’ – Truth And Consequences

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the “Truth and Consequences” episode of NBC’s “Heroes.” With one more episode left before “Heroes” disappears into the ether, the stakes — and the body count — are getting higher. The pervasive themes in this episode is whether or not people are who they appear to be, and whether […]

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the “Truth and Consequences” episode of NBC’s “Heroes.”

With one more episode left before “Heroes” disappears into the ether, the stakes — and the body count — are getting higher. The pervasive themes in this episode is whether or not people are who they appear to be, and whether they should hide or be open about their abilities.

Whose honesty is being called into question? Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who is possibly the most honestly confused character in terms of what The Company is and what Noah Bennet’s (Jack Coleman) actions have been about, revives Bennet from cycloptic death with Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) blood.

He no longer trusts Bennet, because of his violence and covert actions. He tells Bennet he trusts The Company, yet at the same time, he questions the history of The Company experimenting with mutations of the Shanti virus, creating some deadly strains — the worst of which is Strain 138.

Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) deals with dishonesty when his cousin steals his backpack full of “9th Wonders” comics and his fathers medal of valor – and then loses it to a gang of thugs.

Micah wants Monica (Dana Davis) and Niki (Ali Larter) to be heroes and go after the thugs to retrieve his father’s medal, but Niki declines and tells Micah that using their powers and putting themselves in danger could get them killed. Micah suggests they have secret identities, like Clark Kent, or the hooded Saint Joan in “9th Wonders” comics, so they can engage in heroic deeds and still keep it secret.

Later that night, Monica and Micah sneak out of the house to retrieve his backpack. Monica is dressed just like Saint Joan — which makes sense, since the comic book is an Isaac Mendez creation. Monica sneaks into a house they think it’s in, but a gang of hoods enters the house, finds Monica, and abducts her.

Then there is the extremely deceptive Sylar (Zachary Quinto). While in Virginia, Sylar trains Maya (Dania Ramirez) to control her power by provoking her to nearly kill him, and then playing on her attraction to him to get her to control it.

While this is going on, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) finds out that Gabriel Gray is a murderer, tries to warn Maya, and urges her to get away from Sylar. Maya, who thinks she and Gabriel are kindred spirits, sides with Sylar when he admits he killed his mother. Then, when she isn’t around, Sylar kills Alejandro.

Hiro (Masi Oka), hellbent on avenging his father’s death, sets out to find Kensei (David Anders). He learns that Kensei is now using the name Adam Munroe. He goes back 30 years in the history of The Company, to try to track him down, and learns about Strain 138. He finds out it’s in Odessa, Texas, at the Primatech Paper Company building.

Then there is Adam, who is with Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia), who appears to have lost track of his priorities when he exploded. (More on this later.) Peter’s search for answers about the Shanti virus leads him and Adam to Victoria Pratt (Joanna Cassidy) — one of the people from the photograph of all the power players in the older generation. Apparently Pratt wanted nothing more to do with The Company when she found the mutated Strain 138 of Shanti Virus.

Pratt tries to defend herself by attempting to kill both Adam and Peter – especially after Peter uses his mind-reading power to learn from her that the virus is stored in Odessa TX, at Primatech Paper Co. Pratt, who was held bound in ropes by the two, is released by Adam, who calculatedly counts on her using the opportunity to try to kill Peter – so he can kill her under the pretense of saving Peter. Shifty!

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Bob (Stephen Tobolowsky) gives the angry survivors of the Bennet family HRG’s ashes — or something ashy in a can. Sandra (Ashley Crowe) runs him out of the house a gunpoint, and the family prepares to leave for Salt Lake City. West (Nicholas D’Agosto) comes to find out they are leaving, and Claire is distressed about losing everyone important in her life. While this is all going on, and despite Bob’s promise that The Company will leave Claire alone, Elle is left in charge of watching and following the Bennets.

During the memorial for HRG that the Bennets hold at the beach, Claire spots Elle (Kristen Bell) spying on them. Having spent much of the past year in an arm cast, I (and my family) got a huge laugh out of Elle’s attempts to put down her slushee, turn on the cars ignition and escape with one useless arm. It didn’t work. In her fumbling to get her keys, she spills her slushee all over herself and gets a pissed-off Claire screaming in her face. (This pretty much sums up my year … .)

After the sparks flew, Claire concluded that the only way to get rid of Elle and The Company is to come out or the closet and let the world see what she truly is.

Back in New York, Mohinder is en route to meet Niki in New Orleans to bring her a cure for her virus, but Sylar calls him. He has Molly (Adair Tischler), and he wants to meet.

Finally, Hiro goes to Odessa, TX, where he finds Peter and Adam. After talking briefly with Peter, he concludes Peter is on the wrong side, and charges after him with his samurai sword at a speed and distance that defy the laws of physics.

What Worked

The multiple cliffhangers have me holding my breath until the finale episode. Sylar is now in a very scary position! He’s got Molly, and Mohinder has no choice but to meet with him. What will happen to Niki if Mohinder doesn’t get the cure to her in time?

We’re at a point where well see Hiro face off with Adam/Kensei. Claire is ready to take on The Company herself. HRG is trapped in the bowels of the company, and likely calculating his escape. Will Monica be able to get herself out of her situation, or will sick Niki have to come to the rescue? Is Adam poised to release virus 138 and destroy the world?

I’m also intrigued by where the story is going with Elle. There’s a lot brewing in that character that’s waiting to bubble and burst to the surface.

What Didn’t Work

Did Peter undergo a personality change when he blew up, or did the Haitian take too many of his marbles? Saving the world seems a lot more important than saving one woman you hardly know in futureworld, yet badly-accented Caitlin seemed to be Peter’s priority. What happened to idealistic, selfless Peter? When did he get so selfish? The sparks between them seemed to be more related to his power than any chemistry they had.

I know this is my own bias, but couldn’t they get an actor who looks more like George Takei to play the younger Kaito Nakamura? With the plethora of unemployed Asian actors around, I find it hard to believe the one they chose was the best candidate.

I suppose if I hadn’t been watching George Takei on television since I was 9-years-old, it might not bother me. When the younger actor was on screen, though, I found it distracting.

It seemed also that people were jumping to a number of odd conclusions in this episode. Maya is so starry-eyed about Gabriel, she doesnt even have a clue that there’s something amiss with him. Is it just me, or is she incredibly blind? True, on the surface, he’s a hottie, and he’s saying all the right things to her, but the body language is always saying something else.

How does Claire come to the conclusion that letting the world know what she can do will get The Company off her back? While I’m actually looking forward to seeing what being open about one’s powers can yield (cue “Volume III: Genocide”), Im not sure her reasoning is sound. Then again, she’s been building toward that conclusion all season.

Finally, Hiro is attacking Peter Petrelli before he has all his facts straight? How is it Peter wasn’t frozen in time like Adam, but Hiro was surprised to see him? How does the space between the two get longer as Hiro is charging?

Despite the flaws I see in this episode, it still has me anxious to see how it all gets resolved next week. I didn’t hate this episode, in spite of my long list of qualms with it. I just see it serving the function of setting up the next episode. Hopefully, all this set up will pay off.

Then I’ll cry when the “season” is over, because “Heroes” is still my favorite television show.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Truth And Consequences” was written by Jesse Alexander and directed by Adam Kane.

“Heroes” airs on NBC, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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