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Review: ‘Moonlight’ – Fleur De Lis

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the “Fleur De Lis” episode of CBS’ “Moonlight.” Both Mick and Beth have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle. Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) is in big trouble with Beth (Sophia Myles), and Beth is in big trouble with Mick, if not the law. In the center of this […]

The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the “Fleur De Lis” episode of CBS’ “Moonlight.”

Both Mick and Beth have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle. Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) is in big trouble with Beth (Sophia Myles), and Beth is in big trouble with Mick, if not the law. In the center of this mess is Morgan — or rather — Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon).

In the opening scene, Beth finds Mick in a state of semi-undress, and Morgan/Coraline in a just-out-of-the-shower state of undress. As damning as the scene was for Mick, it was more than just jealousy that made Beth drive a stake through Morgan/Coraline’s heart. If she was still a vampire, that would paralyze her. The problem is she is no longer a vampire.

Since she found out Coraline was her captor and had destroyed her childhood, Beth has been a woman possessed. The story flashes back two days, to when Mick is summoned by Beth – who is stalking Morgan. Beth gives Mick the third degree about his ex, while spying on Morgan in her apartment.

Mick tells Beth something of Coraline’s history. Coraline was a courtesan turned in early 1700’s France. As such, she was branded as property of the court with a fleur de lis on her back. The brand was still there when Mick met her.

Beth persuades Mick to work with Morgan on a case with him. While Mick and Morgan are busy on the case, Beth uses the time to find out if Morgan is really Coraline.

Mick offers Morgan a job for ten thousand dollars for a few days work. They just need to get evidence that rich Mr. Haggans’ young wife, Tina, is having an affair. Morgan manages to get a photo of the couple kissing. Mick, having trouble hearing anything on the microphone because of background noise, uses his vampire superhearing to hear Tina say that if Haggans learns of their affair, he’ll kill them both.

Meanwhile, Beth breaks into Morgan’s apartment, but her snooping is almost thwarted when Mick and Morgan show up. Mick smells her there and rushes Morgan out of the apartment. Beth finds a photo of Mick from 1952 in the apartment.

She takes the photo to see Josef (Jason Dohring), who tells her about Mick and Coralines relationship. It was volatile and fraught with conflict. Mick left Coraline over and over, but he always came back.

Mick seems similarly obsessed with Morgan. In a scene bordering on intimate in an elevator in Haggans’ building, they spot Tina and her lover in the elevator. They tail the two, and set up surveillance of Tina and mystery guy getting happy in bed. While listening in on the tryst, Mick and Morgan kiss. They also learn that mystery guy is Haggans’ son.

Haggans, in the meantime, keeps avoiding meetings with Mick. Instead, while Mick is away, his office is ransacked in search of the evidence he and Morgan have gathered. Mick thinks Haggans Sr. is behind it, but learns instead that Haggans Jr. and Tina are plotting to kill the elder Haggans and covering their tracks.

Haggans Jr. shoots Mick in the back of the head in an effort to leave no evidence of the plot. Just as Haggans Jr. and Tina are about to kill Haggans Sr., Mick saves Morgan from Tina’s oncoming car by supervamp-leaping her away from the scene.

As all this is happening, Beth finds Coraline’s old Hollywood home, which still looks clean and well-kept. She finds the old bedroom she was held captive in as a child, and then she finds evidence that Coraline’s been watching her and Mick for months. Armed with the evidence that Morgan is Coraline, Beth heads for Mick’s place.

Their ordeal over, Mick and Morgan go back to his place. In a shower scene that made me want to stake both Mick and Morgan for Beth’s sake, Mick finally sees the fleur de lis on Morgan’s back. He knows now that she is Coraline. She admits as much and just as he’s being once again seduced by her — and the notion that there is hope for him to become human again — Beth arrives.

Beth stabs the very human Coraline through the heart with the leg of a rocking chair from her childhood prison thinking it will only paralyze her. Mick’s divided interests and loyalties will determine what happens next.

Will Mick turn on Beth, who he clearly has feelings for and has protected since she was a child? Will his obsession with Coraline cloud his judgment and cause him to side with Coraline? Or does Mick see his chance for curing his vampirism die with that action (if not Coraline)? Tell me he’s not going to turn Coraline to save her!

What Worked

The flow of the stories and the connections between the main arc story and the crime of the week worked well. The weaving of the two together was virtually seamless, except for one flaw. (See further down.)

Beth’s voiceover was an appropriate change for this story.

The episode had a lot of funny moments in it. The banter between Mick and Beth in her car at the beginning was entertaining, especially when they had to duck when Morgan passed by. The conversation the two had on the phone as Morgan describes the tryst of Tina and her lover was hilarious.

The rapport between the characters has developed well over the course of the season, and has become an important staple of the series.

What Didn’t Work

In the scene with Josef, Beth clearly knows that Morgan is Coraline and is no longer a vampire, yet in the final scene, she stakes her as if she is one. Did her anger at the evidence at Coraline’s make her forget?

Also, for all the lip service and screen time it’s given, I don’t really see much chemistry between Mick and Coraline. Maybe it’s just me not liking Coraline coming between Mick and Beth, but I just don’t get his obsession with a woman he already got over enough to kill – aside from the interest in being cured of vampirism.

While I’m certainly willing to see where this twist in the story will take the characters, the Coraline story sometimes feels a little forced.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Fleur De Lis” was written by Gabrielle G. Stanton and Trevor Munson and directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

“Moonlight” airs on CBS, Fridays a 9 p.m. ET.

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