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Finally … ‘Beyond’ Rights The Ship

TrekZone’s Matthew Miller reviews latest Star Trek movie

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This review contains some spoilers for “Star Trek: Beyond.” It was originally published on

I can safely say that J.J. Abrams stepping down from the hands-on approach was the best decision made. He’s a Star Wars kind of guy and we needed a movie that appeases both the Trekkies and the casual moviegoers, and Simon Pegg delivered that in spades here.

For the first time since 2009, I’m able to accept the Kelvin Timeline — yes it’s different and weird and unique, but Simon and fellow writer Doug Jung makes it wonderful and exactly like the original series (although you have to allow for 50 years worth of changes, like female characters that actually take charge and get the job done, and no more Technicolor wonderscapes or redresses of standing sets to save money).

I had publicly said I didn’t like the blowing up of the USS Enterprise again, but this time it didn’t seem like a plot device. It was actually a means to do away with what had been before and start fresh. Will there be more movies?

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