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Fact Is, We Don’t Know What New Trek Is

Gossip, rumors are just that … gossip, rumors

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Some other news outlets are just starting to pick up on a rumor 1701News reported last week that suggested the upcoming Star Trek television series on CBS All Access could be set in the AbramsVerse.

What that means is that the alternate timeline established by 2009’s “Star Trek,” which was directed by J.J. Abrams, could be the canonical home of the new Star Trek series. But then again, maybe not.

The fact is, despite all the reports that have been circulating about the new series over the past few months, the only people who know for sure what the new series is all about are those who are part of the innermost circle of the show. People like showrunner Bryan Fuller, executive producer Nicholas Meyer, and likely even the show’s newest member of the writing team, novelist Kirsten Beyer.

Will the show be set in the “prime” universe — the home of Star Trek canon leading up to 2009 — or will it be set in another timeline, possibly even the one established by Abrams in 2009. I can’t tell you for sure, and I admitted as much when I wrote the “closed for business” story. A rumor is a rumor. It means that I heard it from one source, and corroborated it independently with a different source. That doesn’t mean it’s right, which is one of the inherent risks of dealing with rumors.

So how do we sort through all of the rumors, or worse yet, gossip disguised as a rumors? There’s no real trick to it, except trying to stay knowledgeable on the topic and ensuring your bullshit meter is turned on to extra sensitivity.

READ THE FULL STORY on our sister site, 1701News. 

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