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Be Careful What You Wish For …

Settlement talks always are good, but what does it mean?

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When I stepped out of my semi-retirement from news reporting at the beginning of the year, believe it or not, it had nothing to do with the fan-film “Star Trek: Axanar.”

If anyone looked at how many fan-film stories on this site, or even our sister site Airlock Alpha, you likely would never see my name. That’s because outside of making some friends through the fan-film community, I myself was never much of a consumer of fan-films, or even really fan-fiction.

Not that I didn’t support them, but I also don’t read comic books, or watch the Real Housewives reality shows. I mean, we all have our different interests, and although I know many people in fan-fiction and fan-films, I never would really consider myself a huge fan.

However, on Jan. 2 — when I was still convinced this case would be settled in a matter of days — I took a very public position in a commentary, not necessarily against “Axanar,” but against how this lawsuit could negatively affect the fan-film community.

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