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Coming Soon: ‘Lost: Hurley’s Star Wars Script’

What would Paramount just dropping the Axanar lawsuit really mean?

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I have a big announcement I want to share, and I’ve been so excited about it, I don’t know how I’ve kept the lid on it for this long.

But I have planned a huge crowdfunding campaign, beginning tomorrow, for “Lost: Hurley’s Star Wars Script.”

If you remember back in Season 5 of “Lost,” one of my favorite characters of the show, Hurley (played by Jorge Garcia) was thrown back into the 1970s with some of his other island castaways. And while there, he was actually trying to write a better Star Wars script than what Lucas would eventually do — working to make some corrections to the film that fans have always had issues with.

J.J. Abrams and his creative team didn’t really spend a lot of time on that small story element, but I am in “Hurley’s Star Wars Script.” There I will take on the role of Hurley, and it will focus on my efforts to get this script written, while the Dharma Initiative and whatever the secrets are on the island try to suck me into oblivion. It’s a great feature film with tons of special effects, and I promise will be a $150 million film that I will try to make for $2 million, or $3 million if fans support me.

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