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Canada: Land Of Hockey, Healthcare, And Now Star Trek

Michael Hinman feels fans should be proud new series is aiming to be different

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One of the biggest things that bugs me about Star Trek fandom sometimes — and trust me, I’m part of this fandom, just like you, so we all can judge — is that no matter what you do, people just aren’t going to be happy.

Since 2005, fans have been clamoring for a new Trek television show, and we would have to wait for more than a decade. Then, last year, CBS announced it was bringing Star Trek back to television, well more or less. And it’s the “more or less” part — CBS All Access — that had people up in arms. Why should someone pay $5 a month to see Star Trek, paying a whopping $1 per episode (not including all the other programs that are a part of the network’s over-the-top streaming service).

Now the latest is outrage that, for the first time in Star Trek television history, its primary filming base will not be in Los Angeles, but instead in Toronto. On the largest single soundstage in North America, most likely at a price that is far less than what CBS could’ve found comparably back home.

Even David Gerrold (remember him? He hasn’t done much since “The Trouble With Tribbles”) has insinuated that this is such a non-Star Trek move to make, and that it will somehow alienate fans.

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