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It’s Time For Fan-Films To Take A Stand

Whether you’re for or against, stop hiding and weigh in

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If there is an unspoken code by fan-films to not speak out negatively against other fan-films, no matter how deserved it is, then Alec Peters missed the memo. In an interview with this very site on Feb. 1, Peters had no qualms dismissing the other fan-films like “Star Trek Continues” and “Star Trek: New Voyages,” on how “Axanar” was superior, and how the producers of those other productions were just “voice actors” and “Elvis impersonators,” referring to Vic Mignogna and “New Voyages” producer James Cawley, respectively.

And just days after Peters made his “ominous news” announcement lamenting what happened with Tommy’s project, he told an Axanar supporter on Facebook he agreed with the main’s claims that Tommy Kraft didn’t show Peters “honor and loyalty” after Peters “helped him.”

“The sad thing is he’s complaining about your ‘professional production,’ yet he was asking $250,000 for [his] next Trek project so he could hire ‘professionals’ to make his movie,” the poster said. “Seems he’s crying over the fact he really wanted that $250,000.”

And Peters simply said, “Good point,” later adding that he was disappointed in Tommy, that he was unprofessional, and that Tommy stabbed him in the back.

Peters later deleted some of those comments, but not before they were seen by a good number of people in the fan-film community.

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