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Axanar Is Many Things, But Not Transparent

Fan-film producers owe its donors a full and complete financial audit

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While Winston & Strawn attorney Erin Ranahan has media outlets — and, she hopes, a judge — jumping through hoops trying to compare Mr. Spock to Nosferatu, a much bigger question looms. A question that seems to get bigger and bigger as both sides rack up legal costs, and the thought of their being a fan-film called “Star Trek: Axanar” becomes more and more unrealistic.

Where has all the money went?

Just before CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures filed its copyright infringement suit against Axanar Productions and its leader, Alec Peters, last December, Peters himself released what he called Axanar’s financial report. Peters called this report an effort to demonstrate how transparent Axanar is. And indeed it does. As Carlos Pedraza points out on his Axanar informational site, AxaMonitor, Peters and his crew are so transparent, we really have little clue to where any of this more than $1.1 million raised through crowdfunding went.

And I’m sorry, but the thousands of fans who gave money, no matter how big or how small, deserve full transparency — which means it’s time for Axanar to go through a complete and independent audit.

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