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William Shatner Is 85 Today — Really?

We take a look at how everyone seems to be getting better with age

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The Earth stopped on March 22, 1931 for just a few seconds, because yes, even Terra Prime needed to mark the moment William Shatner came into the world.

It’s hard to believe that today’s he’s 85 years old. We see him in the original “Star Trek,” in six movies, and how active he is today — this man is never going to retire. And we don’t want him to.

In fact, Shatner has the energy of a 35-year-old, which is exactly how old he was when “Star Trek” first premiered in 1966. If someone told him — or anyone else from the cast and crew — that 50 years later, we would still be honoring this show (and those involved), we’re sure Shatner would’ve never believed them.

Shatner’s birthday is the first milestone we get to celebrate in this 50th anniversary year, and one that is definitely worth celebrating. While Shatner’s reputation has had its ups and downs with fandom (anyone remember when he told a “Saturday Night Live” sketch audience to get a life?), the fact is, Star Trek is what it is today because of not only Gene Roddenberry’s vision, but the people who helped bring it to life. And Shatner is one of them.

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