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Context Is The Key To Understanding

The lawsuit against ‘Star Trek: Axanar’ is not big corporation vs. fans, Michael Hinman says

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So it really dismayed me when the very respected trade magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, did a followup piece on the copyright infringement lawsuit CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures launched last year against the “independent” fan-film “Star Trek: Axanar” and its producer, Alec Peters.

THR obviously has other things to cover than every step of the Axanar lawsuit. But we’re a Star Trek site, who cares about the future of fan-films, so we’ve been covering it in more detail. Yet, that still doesn’t excuse the March 13 story Eriq Gardner wrote, that more or less focused on one small piece of the amended complaint filed by the studios, and turned it into something silly.

While Gardner spent a couple paragraphs explaining what the whole lawsuit was about, most of his story focused more on what came off as trivial comparisons between what Axanar is allegedly including in its production, and copyrights owned by CBS and Paramount. Things like pointed ears on Vulcans, the Klingon language, and so forth.

For Gardner, talking about such details in Star Trek sounds exactly like what Trekkies must sit around doing every day. Arguing every bit of minutiae they can conjure. It’s really putting Trekkies in a bad light — sure there are some fans who are like this, but far more are just casual fans who enjoy the adventures created by Gene Roddenberry.

That has created a flurry of news reports based off Gardner’s initial story, which more or less focuses on what looks like a cherry-picking by CBS and Paramount just to harass some lowly fans who wanted to play Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock.

READ THE FULL STORY on our sister site, 1701News.

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