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The Troll That Alec Peters Built

Guest columnist Sandy Greenberg talks about how Axanar case affects him

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I think I was destined to love science-fiction.

I was born while the Apollo 9 mission was in Earth orbit testing the lunar module. I like to think my first moments of life were listening to the live broadcast of it. When I came home from the hospital, my mum would nurse me while watching the last few episodes of the original “Star Trek.”

It’s mainly because of her I love sci-fi. Growing up, the only books in the house were by Asimov, Bova, Herbert and many more.

One of my beliefs regarding science-fiction is that more is better, and I like nearly everything. From classics like “Forbidden Planet” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” through B movies like “Dark Star” and “They Live,” all the way to big budget films like Star Wars, and yes, even the new Star Trek. Sci-fi on television is great too with “Firefly,” “Babylon 5,” and “Star Trek: Voyager” among my favorites.

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