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Helen Mirren Won't Be The Doctor ...

... but she has a suggestion on who it should be

Helen Mirren says fans should not even think about her taking over from Matt Smith in the popular British series "Doctor Who," but she does have a suggestion: Go with a woman.

"I'm so sick of that man with his girl sidekick," Mirren recently told The Sun, complaining about the male dominance of the role over the past 50 years. "I could name at least 10 wonderful British actresses who would absolutely kill in that role."

Despite odds of her taking over the role at 25:1, Mirren says the odds should be a lot longer, because she's not even considering it. If she did take it, she would replace the youngest actor to portray the role as the oldest. The Oscar-winner is 67.

Mirren wouldn't name any specific actresses she would suggest for the role, but did say she if it were up to her, a "gay, black female Doctor ... would be the best of all."

But could a woman be in The Doctor's future? Russell T. Davies, who was responsible for reviving "Doctor Who" in 2005, doubts it.

"While I think kids will not have a problem with a female Doctor, I think fathers will have a problem with it," Davies said. "They will then imagine they will have to describe sex changes to their children."

Although they weren't considering a woman for the role, a new book has been released stating that a movie version of "Doctor Who" was planned in the 1980s that would've considered an African-American to take over the Tardis.

That is, as long as that actor was late singer Michael Jackson or comedian Bill Cosby.

"Now on the Big Screen: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who at the Cinema" from author Charles Norton, suggests that Paramount Pictures was in talks with the BBC at one time (or at least considered being in talks) to bring an American version of the show to the silver screen.

While that might seemed like strange casting today, back in the 1980s, Jackson and Cosby were superstars, especially with Cosby running a hit comedy on NBC, "The Cosby Show," and Jackson selling millions of music albums worldwide.

Obviously, the plan never came to fruition, but that might give David Yates some ideas if he does indeed move forward with a Doctor Who film project has he suggested in 2011.

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