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Tragedy Averted: Nick Stahl Safe, In Rehab

'Terminator 3' star is 'working hard' to get sober

With what looked to be a relapse into heavy drug use and mixing in with the wrong crowd, fans were fearing the worse for actor Nick Stahl when his estranged wife reported him missing.

But all's well that ends well, apparently, as Stahl is safe and sound, and actually getting help at the moment in a drug rehabilitation facility.

"It's all good in the sense the search is over," Rose Murphy, Stahl's wife, told Twitter followers, according to E! Online. "There is safety and even some comfort now."

But that's about all Murphy intends to release. She said that she didn't ask her husband for details after he sent an email to friends telling them he was checking into rehab, and in fact, the whole ordeal and public attention has been a bit daunting.

"Once the missing persons report was released, it was overwhelming to have such private information out there," Murphy said. "And it wasn't mostly my private information. I spoke to media at times on behalf of my husband. Mostly when I was at a loss or even panicking. Or feeling defensive. Not ... always a great recipe."

The 32-year-old actor was reported missing last week after being last seen on May 9. Stahl and Murphy have been estranged at least since the beginning of the year, with Murphy actually going to court in February trying to limit visitation by Stahl to his daughter because of his drug use, according to reports.

Stahl, who gained fame as a young teenager opposite Mel Gibson in "A Man Without a Face" in the early 1990s, was busy in a few genre projects including "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" as John Connor, and in the acclaimed HBO series "Carnivale" as Ben Hawkins.

"Today is a new day," Murphy said. "I'm more than relieved. Healing! Love for all. I am in recovery, but in no way do I or even should I represent recovery."

Although police had said many times missing people cases associated with drugs usually turns up with a positive find, there was some concern that Stahl could end up like his 2001 "Bully" co-star Brad Renfro, who died of a heroin overdose in 2008 after a long history of drug use dating back to his teen years.

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