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Roddenberry Comic 'Gene's Journal' In Cartoon Development Deal

Story focuses on Gene Roddenberry's close encounter with aliens

The same weekend Roddenberry Productions learned that its "Trek Nation" documentary would be aired on Science, Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group has joined forced with Roddenberry Entertainment to bring "Gene's Journal" to television as an animated children comedy series.

"It's fun to play with the what-could-have-been part of my father's life," said Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr., son of the late "Star Trek" creator. "'Gene's Journal' is a concept full of imagination and possibility. I've always thought about what the idea could become when it's able to really spread its wings in a new medium. I couldn't be more thrilled than to see it making that evolutionary step."

The online comic was created by Trevor Roth and illustrated by cartoonist David Reddick. It's supposed to chronicle Gene Roddenberry's teenage years, where aliens influenced the Great Bird of the Galaxy in ways that would eventually lead him to create such science-fiction franchises like Star Trek. The new cartoon, which has not found a television home as of yet, will be geared toward children aged 6 through 11.

Skywriter is a newer entertainment company founded in 2009 in Toronto by Kevin Gillis, Michael McLaughlin and Michael Iscove. Gillis has helmed a number of projects over the years, including the "RoboCop" television series in 1994, "F/X: The Series" through 1998 and most recently, "Producer Parker."

Skywriter doesn't have any other productions in development yet, at least according to its listing on Internet Movie Database. However, the company is looking to create, develop, finance and acquire quality children's and family entertainment, according to a release.

Although the younger Roddenberry runs Roddenberry Entertainment, the company was actually founded in 1967 by Gene Roddenberry. It has been a part of a number of productions over the years including "Earth: Final Conflict" and "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda."

The company has also connected with fans through merchandising over the years, including prop replicas from Star Trek.

It is not clear who will be writing or animating the show, or how involved Reddick -- who first made his mark in fandom through -- will be.

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