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Artistic License: Star Wars, Star Trek Games Shown At E3

EA and Sony shows upcoming genre titles in their E3 press conferences

Two of science-fiction's most popular franchises in history were making news at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3.

Star Trek and Star Wars games were not only part of the regular expo, but were also highlighted in the pre-expo press conferences from Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Star Trek was recently announced as the newest game for the franchise, and it will be based on the 2009 movie reboot. The game will feature co-op play, allowing multiple players to play together from the same location. The game will be a standalone story, and will examine the growing friendship between Kirk and Spock.

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the 2009 movie, are involved in the project, as well as others from the franchise.

While this game will be available for PC, XBox 360, and PS3, Sony is giving PS3 users some extra goodies. The game will include a phaser attachment for PlayStation Move, and because of being compatible with Move, the game will feel much different for this platform. Also, there will be a prequel game available available only through the PlayStation Network.

“Star Trek” is scheduled for a 2012 release, and will likely be timed with the release of the next movie (but I suppose that may depend on if that is delayed, as current rumors are already suggesting may happen).

If you'd like to see the video for the game that was shown during Sony's press conference, click here. This is what is called pre-alpha footage, so it is likely to change quite a bit before the game is released.

Many people think it resembles other similar games, just done with a bit of Star Trek flavor, and they may be correct. I think what will ultimately make this game either succeed or fail is the story, and whether or not fans can get immersed in it.

Star Wars fans have been waiting quite a while for “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” and while there is some great new information and footage available, there is still no set release date. Representatives are very careful to say that they are still targeting a date in 2011, but will not be more specific.

TOR will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and while much of it is designed to be played with friends and in groups, developers have also said that there are things you can accomplish as a solo player or with just one or two friends. Like many similar games, there will be adventures for small groups (up to four players) as well as “operations” (known in some other games as raids) for larger groups of players.

This game will be very story driven, unlike many other MMORPGs and that is one aspect that Bioware and EA is hoping will draw fans of the franchise who might not already be gamers.

Developers gave a number of interviews during the expo, but I wanted to draw attention to this video from Unlike some of the other clips, this one includes a live demonstration of the game. We get to see some of the abilities of the various classes, and get to see a small group in action.

Microsoft had good news for Star Wars fans, announcing the upcoming “Kinect Star Wars” game. Based on the newer trilogy, players will use their body to control the character's lightsaber and perform other Jedi abilities. This looks to be a straight-forward linear game, aimed at casual players.

There is a nice video of people actually trying the game on the expo floor here. Chris Esaki, the game's director of design, is providing commentary on what the players are doing and other game details.

Star Trek and Star Wars of course were not the only games at E3. There is no way I could cover the whole expo here, but the sites that I mentioned above have done a nice job with their coverage. Please visit those sites' main pages for more on the expo, especially if you want to find out about other games coming out in the next year.

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