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'Chuck' - Versus Agent X

There are revelations aplenty in 'Chuck Versus Agent X' and you won't be disappointed

This review may contain spoilers.

“Chuck” is a show that is meant to be fun and what’s going to make for a more fun episode than the parties for Chuck and Sarah to celebrate the end of their unmarried lives? Ellie is in charge of Sarah’s soiree and Awesome is in charge of Chuck’s rite of passage. Neither is what it at first seems to be, which is sort of what you expect from “Chuck.”

The guests headed for adventure with Chuck are a motley crew. There’s Awesome, of course, Big Mike, Morgan, Casey and the best of all if you want a wild time, Jeff and Lester. You know that the parties are going to be interrupted by General Beckman and indeed they are. Chuck, Sarah and Casey find themselves off to visit a lovely English lady with enough firepower to defend a fort, much less a quaint country home.

If you are looking for deep exploration of moral and ethical questions, this is not the show for you but if you want to get what you’ve been promised for four seasons, you want to see this episode.

This episode delivers on its promises and that’s a very good and unusual thing.

Points of Interest

1. Wordplay is a big part of this episode: Las Vecas, Reneaux and the name Mrs. Winterbottom are amusing and add to the general light hearted nature of the episode.

2. We’re moving quickly toward the wedding without any suspicion of something deterring it appearing. This may indicate that the show is coming to an end but even if not, it’s good that this plot line is coming to fruition.

3. The comic skills of Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky, and Mark Christopher Lawrence make what could have been a trite story, really work.

What Worked

What really worked in “Chuck Versus Agent X” is the comedy. This is an episode which is more fun than fear and that’s due to the abilities of the cast. The comedy skills of the regular cast and guest stars Ray Wise and Millicent Martin.

The revelations and the big surprise are exactly as you would hope they’d be. There is no more beating around the bush. It’s all out in the open for the Bartowski’s from now on.

What Didn’t Work

This one pretty much worked all the way. It’s part of a great run.

“Chuck Verus Agent X” was written by Phil Klemmer and Craig DiGregorio and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill.

“Chuck” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

About the Author

Ann Morris imagined visiting other worlds and dimensions in her childhood play but didn't 'officially' begin living a fannish life till the early 1970s when she was a founding member of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association in 1979 and remains active to this day. She lives in Plant City, Fla., where she writes from her geekosphere.
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