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Bittersweet End For 'Roswell'

After three rocky seasons, the series officially announces finale

Even after months of wondering and rumors, the official news was not any easier to take for 'Roswell' fans.

UPN has announced it will be ending the series and the last episode will air on May 14. Executive Producer Jason Katims expressed his condolences to the fans.

"[Executive Producer] Ronald D. Moore and I had the fans very much on our minds when we were writing this final episode. We felt they deserved a great ending," he said

The series has had a rough life, being dropped and then resurrected twice through fan intervention and petitions. It originally aired on The WB, but was picked up by UPN last summer at around the same time it captured "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" from the netlet.

But even with a loyal fanbase, the series could never manage to attract enough viewers. So far in it's final season on UPN, 'Roswell' has only managed 3 million viewers per episode and is ranked 151st out of a total 186 series that have aired on the six broadcast networks. UPN and advertisers decided they could no longer wait for better ratings.

The final four episodes will begin airing on April 23 at 8 p.m. ET, promising to be a "bittersweet," "powerful" and "heartrending" good-bye for the series, Katims said.

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