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Producers Promise More Twists Ahead for 'Fringe'

The series' showrunners hint at the future of the series' love triangle

For those of you "Fringe" fans wondering if the love triangle between Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Fauxlivia is going to continue for the rest of the series' third season, the answer is yes.

In fact, if "Fringe" showrunners Jeff Pinker and J.H. Wyman get their way ("their way," being series renewal), it might just last well into the fourth season -- Peter may not even find out that he's the father of Fauxlivia's child until then.

"There's a good reason for it," Wyman told TV Guide. "We can't tell you now, but we're trying to do something...that nobody's ever done and we're excited for our season finale."

While the dropping of that bomb may be prolonged, that doesn't necessarily mean things are going to be completely easy for Olivia and Peter.

"The next couple episodes are going to be very surprising," said Wyman. "A big unexpected obstacle is going to come between them, for a while."

Pinkner added, that despite these obstacles, there's no real need to be afraid for the Olivia/Peter relationship.

"In the best story of star-crossed lovers, they don't get together in the first act," Pinkner argued. "The Peter [and] Olivia story will always be at the heart of it, but it may not always be smooth sailing."

They're called happy endings -- and not happy middles -- for a reason, aren't they?

"Fringe" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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