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'V' Cast Cull On Its Way

Several key characters to face the executioner before the end of the season

There is no word on whether or not "V" will return for a third season, but even if the series does continue beyond the current season it will likely do so without a few key individuals.

More or less anyone could go claims executive producer Scott Rosenbaum, who has revealed that only two characters are safe from the coming cast cull. Apparently, two or "possibly even three" of the main cast could face the executioner before the second season completes its run.

Why kill of the core cast? Well, according to Rosenbaum the season will end in a cliffhanger and the killing of several characters will rock the foundations of the series. More than that, their deaths "would be most devastating for the characters [he wants] to continue".

Even the cast have admitted their shock and surprise over some of the directions that "V" has taken this year and the coming slaughter is no different.

"People are going to be shocked," Laura Vandervoort, who plays Lisa, said. "When we read the script there was initially shock, then sadness. [It's like] seeing your son go off to college or [your] grandma passing."

According to Rosenbaum, the only people safe in the coming weeks are the two leading ladies, namely Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elisabeth Mitchell), meaning that anyone else could be gone before the season wraps up on its tenth episode.

"V" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Alan Stanley Blair is the news editor for Airlock Alpha and assistant news editor for its sister site, Inside Blip. Contributing from his home in Scotland, he is currently studying for a diploma in freelance journalism and feature writing. He can be found on Twitter @Alanistic.
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