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LOTR Takes Four Oscars

None of the awards come in major categories

In a night full of surprises, the 2002 Oscars left unexpecting actors happy, and science fiction and fantasy fans saddened.

"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" took home only four Oscars Sunday night -- all in technical categories -- as director Peter Jackson and supporting star Ian McKellen all were shut out with wins in this year's ceremony.

The movie won Best Cinematography for Andrew Lesnie's work, Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup and Best Original Score for Howard Shore's work on the film.

McKellen, whose name was bountied about for a leading contender in Best Supporting Actor, lost the award to Jim Broadbent for his role in "Iris." Jackson lost out to Ron Howard, who directed the night's Best Picture "A Beautiful Mind."

Fans shouldn't fret too much. Many entertainment reporters said that members of the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences may have overlooked the first "Lord of the Rings" movie because there are two more to follow which are equal -- if not better -- in quality, and many feel that Jackson and crew will get a second, and a third chance.

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