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Star Trek Cell Phones Warp Into Stores On September 30

Fans will be able to play online games, access Trek ring tones and message boards

Cell phones that resemble the hand-held communicators used in "Star Trek" will beam into stores in the United States and the UK on Friday, September 30, according to Yahoo Business News.

Although slightly smaller than the devices used by Captain James T. Kirk or Mister Spock, the special edition Star Trek Communicator Phone offers fans the ability to join a multi-player, online Star Trek game called "Fleetwars," stream real-time video for any Star Trek episode, and browse the web as well as access Star Trek ring tones, wallpapers, news, information, message boards and other fan activities.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it will cost an additional $10 per month for the phones and special features.

The phone is powered by Sona Mobile's Sona Wireless Platform, which allows users to run several different programs at the same time without negatively impacting device performance.

Shawn Kreloff, managing director of the Entertainment Division, said, "The Star Trek Communicator Phone is far and away the most technologically advanced, themed mobile device on the market. As the mobile entertainment industry evolves towards delivering multiple media streams at the same time, our Sona Wireless Platform creates a new era of theme phones."

The Star Trek Communicator Phone will come equipped with a custom Star Trek faceplate and other themed features unique to the Star Trek franchise.

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