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FeatureThe Fannish Life: Gone To Gallifrey

The only place where Doctors, Daleks and fans can co-exist


If you’d told me a year ago, no, even six months ago, no, even four months ago, that I’d be going 3,000 miles to a Doctor Who convention, I’d have thought you mad. When Teri Sears, a long time Whovian, first told me of Gallifrey 2012, I thought it sounded good. But it wasn’t until after ...

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Feature'Celebrity Apprentice' Week 1: George Takei Earns A Nickname

Follow our favorite Enterprise crewman's journey to win money for charity


Donald Trump may not agree with the fact that George Takei wants to be married to his longtime partner, Brad Altman, but he seems to have a lot of respect for the "Star Trek" actor. Takei, a contestant on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" this season, is part of the men's team, known as "Unanimous." T ...

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FeatureSciFriday: What Will eBay Ban Next? Superman?

The move against 'Chillerama' and 'Teenage Werebear' is silly, Michael Hinman says


If you take a look online, there are some great promotional pictures of "Smallville" star Tom Welling donning the famous Superman suit. Sorry "Smallville" fans, I'm more of a Batman guy, so I'm not sure if Welling actually wore the costume in the series or not, but he did look great in those photos. ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Power Couples

Richard Lee Byers takes a Valentine's Day look at romance and superheroes


Well, I thought that in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d salute happy, enduring superhero relationships. Then I realized there hardly are any. Despite their many advantages (powers, good looks, celebrity, etc.), superheroes are seldom lucky in love. Sometimes the problem is one’s nemeses, ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Finally, An Amazing Star Wars MMO

But will genre fans give up Star Trek Online for Star Wars: The Old Republic?


To help celebrate nearly a year beefing online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (you know, the MMORPG) Star Trek Online went from being a subscription-based game to free-to-play. Basically, that means if you buy the game, you can log in and not have to pay a monthly subscriptio ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Stupid Aliens

Richard Lee Byers offers a modest proposal to improve science-fiction


It’s a new year. Perhaps we could use a New Year’s resolution to improve science-fiction. I’ll propose one: No more stupid alien invaders. I suggest this with a certain trepidation, knowing as I do that hostile extraterrestrial dumbasses have a long, proud history in sci-fi dating back ...

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FeatureWhen Social Media Gets Out Of Control

The push for content sometimes takes real bad turns


We have forums as part of Airlock Alpha and the GenreNexus website, but you rarely read about them in things I write, and rarely you will see my posting there. I know that having these community areas are important for readers like you to have a place to congregate and share thoughts and opinion ...

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FeatureSciFriday The 13th: Not So Unlucky

Michael Hinman shares what's been traditionally his unlucky day


Well, I strongly believe there are no such thing as ghosts (although I won't deny that there might be unexplained energy floating around out there) and that superstitions are just that. But I have to admit that I'm still hesitant to kill a spider, break a mirror, or continue down a path that a bl ...

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FeatureThe Fannish Life: On Beyond 'Doctor Who'

Even the most avid fan of The Doctor needs a little variety


There is British science-fiction television beyond "Doctor Who." Well, you say, I know that; there’s "Torchwood." You are right, but there is more, and I’m going to clue you in to some of it. For the past several years, I’ve been participating in panels on British television at scie ...

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FeatureSci-Fi On TV: Genre Programming For All Ages

Ed Left talks about what's available for young teens today


On Jan. 6, “The Wizards of Waverly Place” aired its last original episode. It premiered in October 2007, and showed 108 episodes over its four-season run. And most genre fans aren’t aware of it because it ran on the Disney Channel. There is an entire sub-genre of programming ignored b ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Is San Diego Comic-Con Too Big?

Michael Hinman thinks it might be ... but what can be done?


You can't be an entertainment news outlet of any sort without planning a (very expensive) trip to San Diego Comic-Con each July. A convention that started out with just a few hundred people sharing their love of comic books, this event has become a huge economic boost to the San Diego community b ...

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FeatureA Special 2012 Message For Our Readers

It's been tough for online news, but there is a way you can help


When the ball dropped in Times Square over the weekend, I'm sure I wasn't alone in feeling elated that we have put a difficult year behind us, and can look forward to something better. Not that life has been bad for our sites in the GenreNexus. In fact, based on our traffic numbers, they couldn't ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Was it time to talk 'Doctor Who,' or are we jumping the gun?


Well, I get approached on an almost monthly basis asking me to use Airlock Alpha to back a fan campaign to save a show. Almost every single time, I say no. Not because I don't like the show, or admire the passion of those fans who want to save it. But because it's pretty much a waste of time. ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Ratings Are Far From Meaningless

Should 25,000 people decide what the rest of the world watches? Yes


Every so often, I find myself using the SciFriday platform to defend television ratings. It seems that efforts to measure television audiences from companies (well, company) like The Nielsen Co. is so hated, that I am almost a lone voice in support of Nielsen. And no, I've never received a dime f ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Avengers Vs. X-Men: Predictions

Richard Lee Byers speculates about Marvel's premiere 2012 event


Marvel’s 2012 tentpole event will be "Avengers vs. X-Men," a biweekly 12-issue miniseries. The story will involve the Phoenix Force returning to Earth and feature the Scarlet Witch in a prominent role. At least one character will die, and Marvel will publish a second miniseries (title yet to be an ...

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