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FeatureSciFriday: Ratings Are Far From Meaningless

Should 25,000 people decide what the rest of the world watches? Yes


Every so often, I find myself using the SciFriday platform to defend television ratings. It seems that efforts to measure television audiences from companies (well, company) like The Nielsen Co. is so hated, that I am almost a lone voice in support of Nielsen. And no, I've never received a dime f ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Avengers Vs. X-Men: Predictions

Richard Lee Byers speculates about Marvel's premiere 2012 event


Marvel’s 2012 tentpole event will be "Avengers vs. X-Men," a biweekly 12-issue miniseries. The story will involve the Phoenix Force returning to Earth and feature the Scarlet Witch in a prominent role. At least one character will die, and Marvel will publish a second miniseries (title yet to be an ...

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FeatureThe Fannish Life: Holiday Gifts For Geeks 2011

Ann Morris has been on a hunt for presents both in brick and mortar shops and online


All endorsements of products, services and companies in this column belong solely to the author, and do not necessarily represent any endorsements of Nexus Media Group Inc. It’s that time of year when many of us find ourselves pondering over what we can give to the geeks who are near and dear t ...

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FeatureSciFriday: This Is Not The Way To Curb Online Piracy

Congress is considering a bill that could bring a free Internet to its knees


This really isn't the forum where I like to get political. Hell, even in my personal life, I try to stay out of the two things that get people in trouble the most: politics and religion. Yet, here I am. For the first time in the more than 13 years I've run Airlock Alpha, I am bringing forth my op ...

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FeatureSciFriday: I'm Not Against 3-D, Just Annoyed By It

Does 'Star Trek 2' really have to follow this dying trend?


About 15 years ago, I had to blame James Cameron for making me spend a lot of money at the theater. Yes, I was one of those people who were in love with "Titanic," and would watch it multiple times, with multiple people, and never felt it would get old. I later had a chance to actually touch a p ...

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FeatureSci-Fi On TV: Where Is The Sci-Fi This Season?

Ed Left is looking for it, but isn't finding much


If you’ve been reading this column for any length of time, you’ll have figured out that I am a fan of all genre series, science-fiction, fantasy and horror. And while I should be happy that none of the genre series released have been cancelled yet, I do wish that what was available was more sci- ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Beware Of Tribbles In Next Star Trek Movie

PLUS: Internet is abuzz with news Oprah Winfrey will play a Klingon


We have finally entered the fun part of "Star Trek 2's" pre-production process where speculation -- and bad rumors -- begin to circulate about the new film. Of course, I'm only assuming they're bad rumors, because I don't know what's really being planned for the film. But I have to say, I serious ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Writers Live In The Future

Richard Lee Byers explains one of the many reasons why your favorite writer may seem a little odd


My column goes live every month around the 14th. That means there’s a fair chance that as you’re reading this, I’m in an undisclosed location conspiring with fellow writers and editors to plan a new project connected to a certain piece of intellectual property I dare not name. (If I did, the o ...

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FeatureThe Fannish Life: My Favorite Villain

Ann Morris tells you what villains haunt her dreams


If you haven’t seen the "Doctor Who" episodes that feature the new villains in town, the Silence, you might be a bit lost. But I think you can catch up without running to Wikipedia. Of course, if you like running to Wikipedia, please do so. The other night, I dreamed that I was having dinn ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Guilty By Disassociation?

Should Harlan Ellison have corrected fans about false story?


There are a lot of things that I dislike in the world. But one thing I really hate are stories that are absolutely false. Even more, I hate stories that are so false, they actually hurt the reputation or even livelihood of other people. That happened over the past couple weeks with Andrew Niccol, ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Written And Directed By William Shatner

Michael Hinman takes a close look at 'The Captains'


Well, I had a rare experience while at San Diego Comic-Con this year. I had a chance to share a small room with three captains from Star Trek: William Shatner, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula. They were there to promote a new documentary that Shatner had put together, where he flies around the worl ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Unlikely Signature Show? How About 'Warehouse 13'

Michael Hinman heaps praise on a show as if it's 'Battlestar Galactica'


OK, it's not "Battlestar Galactica," but if you've been watching "Warehouse 13" on Syfy as religiously as I have, then you know that this show is deserving of huge amounts of love and respect. It's strange, because I almost had to be forced into watching "Warehouse 13" to begin with. I saw the pi ...

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FeatureSciFriday: America Must Adopt The British TV Model

Michael Hinman takes a look across the pond for what would be successful


Not too long ago, a popular British showrunner suggested that America could really improve its television offerings if it would just do one simple thing: shorten its seasons. That suggestion was not embraced too well by American television purists, who believe the 22-episode season is the golden ...

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FeatureSciFriday: Maybe Not A New World, But Certainly A Brave One

Coming out for Sean Maher and Zachary Quinto will help thousands


Save a teen, save the world. Zachary Quinto's character of Sylar was never on the right side of that battle in NBC's "Heroes," but as an actor and a role model, he's ready to do his part. Quinto, who also stars in the rebooted Star Trek films, did something absolutely amazing over the weekend: ...

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FeatureAstrojive: Long Live Transylvania

What Richard Lee Byers learned at Spooky Empire


It was my good fortune to be a program participant at the Spooky Empire horror convention in Orlando earlier this month. The main thing I learned (by viewing the many attendees in costume) is that there are three main types of zombie: nurse zombies, soldier zombies and bride zombies. Above and be ...

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