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Russell T. Davies Finished With 'Torchwood'?

Series creator may even leave the world of science-fiction altogether

By all accounts, "Torchwood" is still a very new show. To date, the spinoff of "Doctor Who" is made-up of 31 episodes, with another 10 on the way ... not much more than what you would expect to see on a couple of seasons of a traditional American science-fiction series. However, being a Britis ...

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'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Attracts 10 Million

Ratings for BBC America were pretty darn good, too

Merry Christmas, BBC! Seriously, merry Christmas! Because once again, "Doctor Who" delivered you an amazing present. "A Christmas Carol," featuring a special guest appearance from Harry Potter's Michael Gambon, cheered in 10.3 million viewers Saturday in the United Kingdom. That's slightly better ...

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SciFriday: Why Some Fan Campaigns Will Never Work

Michael Hinman takes a deep look into why most shows aren't brought back

One of the many things that have kept me in the entertainment journalism business for more than a dozen years is the passion that fans have for the television shows, movies and franchises they love so dearly. I mean, "fan" is really nothing more than a shortened version of "fanatical," and it's t ...

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BBC America To Air 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Dec. 25

The wait has moved from days to mere hours

Just because you're an American doesn't mean you should have to wait for "Doctor Who." In an effort to stamp out online piracy completely, BBC America says it will air this year's Christmas special the same day actual BBC watchers across the pond get to see it: Christmas Day. "'Doctor Who' has ...

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'Doctor Who Experience' On Its Way

For the first time ever, 'Doctor Who' artifacts from the entire history of the show will be on display

Some countries have all the luck. At least, thats the feeling you might have if youre a Doctor Who fan living outside of England next February. The BBC is starting up a new Doctor Who permanent exhibition in London called the Doctor Who Experience, and its definitely something for those of us els ...

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'Doctor Who' Wins Fourth Hugo Award

'Moon' beat out high-budget contenders for the Long Form category

"Doctor Who" took home its fourth Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form, but it's not quite a win for new showrunner Steven Moffat just yet. The BBC series picked up the award for "The Water of Mars," written by Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford, and directed by Graeme Harper. "Doc ...

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Michael Gambon Signs Up For Festive 'Doctor Who'

Harry Potter actor will be joined by cross-over musician Katherine Jenkins

Right now, it's July. It's time for barbecues, summer parties and afternoons in a beer garden. But in Wales it is also Christmas ... for "Doctor Who" at least. Production is now underway on the 2010 Christmas special episode, a tradition of the series since it returned in 2005, with a few fam ...

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