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'Doctor Who' - The Impossible Astronaut

Back with a bang, 'Doctor Who' has more fizz

This review may contain spoilers. Filming in America suits "Doctor Who" and "The Impossible Astronaut" was bigger, bolder and more exciting than ever. From the very beginning, it is clear that this would be on a scale of any other episode the series has offered, showcasing some spectacular vis ...

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'Doctor Who' Is Scarier Than Ever

The new season will have more thrillers, chillers and scares

Since the first season of the revitalized series, Steve Moffat held the crown for writing the scariest episodes. "The Empty Child" was a thriller, and "Blink" is still amongst the most terrifying episodes of the series … but now he has a new villain to top them all. Known only as The Silence ...

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Major Death Coming In 'Doctor Who'?

Official magazine claims that one of the core-four could depart the series in the opening episode

When you have a cast of four, it's easy to become worried when the show runner boldly announces that one of the core-four will die in the upcoming season. And that is exactly what has happened with "Doctor Who," only Steve Moffat hasn't said that a character will die during the season; he's revea ...

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Return Of River Song Will Not Disappoint

'Doctor Who' three-year arc will unfold in season six

When River Song (Alex Kingston) first appeared in "Silence in the Library," fans were left guessing on who exactly this mysterious woman is, or more importantly who she will one day become. In the upcoming sixth season, fans will see the continuation of the character arc that was first started in ...

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'Doctor Who' - A Christmas Carol

The Doctor becomes the ghost of Christmas past and present

This review may contain spoilers. When Steve Moffat took control of "Doctor Who" for the shows fifth season, he vowed that the show would become something of a science-fiction fairytale … and you can’t get any closer to a fairytale than "A Christmas Carol." Borrowing from Charles Dickens' ...

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'Warehouse 13' Special Reminds Viewers The Show Exists

PLUS: Series creates an extended family of characters for Season 3

"Warehouse 13” has traditionally been a summer show, but recently the series made an off-season return to Syfy for what has been described as a holiday gift for fans of the series. The episode, entitled “Secret Santa,” featured Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) tracking down a ...

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Rainbow Daleks Ditched From 'Doctor Who'

PLUS: Christmas special is fast tracked internationally

When The Doctor (Matt Smith) materialized in World War II last season only to come up against a new Dalek plot, fans expected fireworks. Instead, what they received was a grade-B invasion scheme hatched by some technicolor Daleks that resembled Teletubbies. In the episode, the old Daleks from Rus ...

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BBC Scraps 'Doctor Who' Regeneration Limit

Explanation will be offered in spinoff series

What made David Tennant's final days as "Doctor Who" so compelling was that he knew an end was coming and he simply didn't want to go. But, it looks like that piece of drama -- as far as The Doctor is concerned overall -- is being removed from the series for good. BBC revealed that Matt Smith ...

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Sherlock Holmes Turned Down 'Doctor Who'

PLUS: British tabloids claim Matt Smith will leave after Season 6

It may sound like the opening of a bizarre "Doctor Who" period piece, but the star of BBC's latest "Sherlock Holmes" adaptation turned down the role of The Doctor in the time travelling series Benedict Cumberbatch, who is the latest face of the legendary detective of Baker Street on BBC, reveale ...

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