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Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars Franchise, For $4B

New owner plans to launch new film trilogy in 2015

Mickey Mouse. Winnie the Pooh. Darth Vader? The Walt Disney Co. is now the proud owner of a franchise many felt would never belong to anyone other than the George Lucas family as Star Wars -- and all of Lucasfilm -- was purchased by the media behemoth for $4 billion. That means all the films, ...

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Was Steve Jobs A Talosian?

New biography talks about the late Apple founder's 'reality distortion field'

As admirers and haters continue to remember the late Steve Jobs, a new book written by Walter Isaacson, provides more detail about how the late co-founder of Apple Inc. was able to achieve the impossible with his employees. One of Jobs' most important assets was his ability to distort reality, co ...

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SciFriday: Rest In Peace, Caprican Mist

A wonderful bottle of wine, destroyed by one person's clumsiness

One of the strangest things I had to get used to in running a group of websites is that fact that technology has allowed our team at Genre Nexus to be seamless, even if we're separated by thousands of miles. Believe it or not, I've never physically met half my staff here at Airlock Alpha, or Rabi ...

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SciFriday: This Is Not The Way To Curb Online Piracy

Congress is considering a bill that could bring a free Internet to its knees

This really isn't the forum where I like to get political. Hell, even in my personal life, I try to stay out of the two things that get people in trouble the most: politics and religion. Yet, here I am. For the first time in the more than 13 years I've run Airlock Alpha, I am bringing forth my op ...

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SciFriday: Want To Stop Illegal Downloads? Provide Options

Premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz need to embrace paid downloads

The premium cable channels in the United States have a major disadvantage to the broadcast networks (and even lower-tier cable channels): They can't create revenue from advertising. Sure, that allows them to be experimental (and groundbreaking) in the type of television programs they produce, alo ...

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