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'Human Relations' Creator Says He Never Stole From 'Buffy' Star

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Prendergast responds to allegations from Amber Benson that his proposed Syfy show was lifted from her indie film

Scott Prendergast said he was shocked when he turned on his computer over the weekend, and saw that his new series under development at Syfy -- "Human Relations" -- was getting a lot of attention. The bad part? It wasn't getting the kind of attention he thought it would. Amber Benson, who play ...

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Is Syfy Original Series Not So Original?

Former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star says new cable show concept is similar to one she pitched earlier

This story has been updated with a response by "Human Relations" creator Scott Prendergast. More of his response can be found here. So think of this. "The Office" meets "Men In Black," where you have some lowly office temp who slowly discovers his totally off the wall bosses in his high-tech ad a ...

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Kevin Sorbo, Lee Majors Head To Syfy

Both will take on roles reminiscent of William Shatner in 'Free Enterprise'

Syfy is looking in the direction of genre humor for its upcoming development slate, while at the same time, hoping lightning will strike again for the people who brought the network "Sanctuary." Both Kevin Sorbo and Lee Majors -- both sci-fi/fantasy icons in the realms of "Hercules: The Legendary ...

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Syfy Breaks Silence, Denies Former 'Buffy' Star's Claim

'Human Relations' is not derivative of 'Drones' in any way, cable channel says

"Human Relations" is a proposed Syfy series that takes place in an office environment run by aliens. "Drones" is an independent movie co-directed by former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actors Amber Benson and Adam Busch that involves aliens running an office environment. But that's where the simila ...

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Blame Syfy For 'Drones' Controversy, 'Buffy' Star Says

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Benson says Syfy series writer simply caught in the crossfire

After a few blog posts and a firestorm of online media coverage, former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Amber Benson says she's sorry concerns about her independent film being knocked off have been blown out of proportion. But anyone who thinks she has targeted "Human Relations" creator Scott Pre ...

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Is It Plagiarism ... Or Publicity Stunt?

Either way, both 'Drones' and 'Human Relations' are getting some serious online buzz

I had an idea once, but only once. It was simply a name that I decided to put on a website, a name that would become rather well-known. And then a decade later, someone else claimed they came up with the name out of the blue as well, and thought it would be a good name for a network. It wasn't until ...

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