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Syfy Takes Over San Diego With 'Defiance'

Panels will be lighter, however, with only returning shows

The annual party that welcomed some of television and movie's biggest celebrities on the red carpet each year will not be back at San Diego Comic-Con next week, but that doesn't mean Syfy hasn't put together an exhaustive lineup. While the cable channel's panels will focus on returning shows such ...

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Best Way To Get Nominated? Play Lots Of Different Characters

Countdown to the Portal Awards: Supporting actor, young actor categories

It's almost like the battle of the veterans when it comes to the supporting actor categories of the 2012 Airlock Alpha Portal Awards -- probably because it is. John Noble, who won Best Supporting Actor/Television last year for "Fringe," is back once again, up against a couple familiar names like ...

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Brent Spiner To Play New Big Bad On 'Warehouse 13'

Move reunites two actors from TNG's 'The Most Toys'

All "Warehouse 13" is missing now is a cameo appearance from "Star Trek: Enterprise" and the original "Star Trek." The Syfy series now has "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in the house with a planned six-episode stint from none other than Mr. Data himself, Brent Spiner, who has signed on to "Ware ...

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'Warehouse 13,' 'Alphas' Return To Syfy July 23

However, 'Eureka' will end storied run on the week before

This story may contain spoilers for "Eureka," "Warehouse 13," "Alphas" and other Syfy programming. Fans have been begging "Warehouse 13" star Eddie McClintock to tell them when his show will return to Syfy. But now he can answer with certainty: July 23. Syfy's highest-rated scripted program re ...

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McClintock: Pete Is Coolest Guy You've Ever Met

PLUS: Actor finds out that 'shippers' have nothing to do with the Navy

Eddie McClintock has built a huge fan following for his portrayal of agent Pete Lattimer in the popular Syfy series "Warehouse 13." While fans might want to pin that success on McClintock, the actor himself says more credit should go to the character: Basically, why can't there be more Pete Lattimer ...

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SciFriday: Unlikely Signature Show? How About 'Warehouse 13'

Michael Hinman heaps praise on a show as if it's 'Battlestar Galactica'

OK, it's not "Battlestar Galactica," but if you've been watching "Warehouse 13" on Syfy as religiously as I have, then you know that this show is deserving of huge amounts of love and respect. It's strange, because I almost had to be forced into watching "Warehouse 13" to begin with. I saw the pi ...

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More Powers To Be Revealed For Kate Mulgrew's Regent

Secrets and more continue to abound for 'Warehouse 13' guest star

There are so many things that Kate Mulgrew would like to reveal about her character of Regent Jane (we won't even reveal her last name here, because it might be a spoiler for some), but she can say it will get even better. Mulgrew, best known to genre fans as Capt. Kathryn Janeway from the 1990s ...

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What's This About Chemistry On 'Warehouse 13'?Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly chat it up at the Syfy Comic-Con party


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Monday Roars To Life For Syfy

'Alphas,' 'Warehouse 13,' 'Eureka' all have solid premieres

It's been a while since Syfy has done so well on a Monday night. A decade, actually. More than 2 million people tuned in Monday to watch the season premieres of "Warehouse 13" and "Eureka" as well as the series premiere of "Alphas," helped bolster Syfy to its best Monday outing in 10 years. Of co ...

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Oh, By The Way, Aaron Ashmore's 'Warehouse 13' Character Is ...

Only open if you dare to see what is a, really, minor twist to Season 3

No one is talking on whether Aaron Ashmore's new "Warehouse 13" agent is going to replace Joanne Kelly's Myka character. But one thing is for sure, he's going to surprise you. Well, OK, he'll surprise you as long as you stop reading this story right now. Ashmore, who is best known for his pop ...

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