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Behind The Scenes Of 'Caprica'Season 1.0 DVD comes out Oct. 8

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Ron Moore Makes Way To Network Television

New Harry Potter-like series first time off cable since 'Roswell'

"Virtuality" didn't make it past the pilot stage, but former "Battlestar Galactica" executive producer Ronald D. Moore is hoping for a different outcome in a new series for NBC other news outlets are simply calling an "adult Harry Potter." Sony Television, where Moore signed a development deal la ...

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Female Elements Will Only Grow On 'Caprica'

Syfy preps for a January launch, and maybe even a renewal

This story may contain spoilers for the next 10 episodes of Syfy's 'Caprica.' Fans who crowded into the large San Diego Comic-Con room to see what "Caprica" will be like when it returns early next year learned that executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick are really looking for a massiv ...

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Comic-Con 2010 - Day Two

See where BlipNetwork reporters are going to be!

Although I didn't feel I did too much Thursday, my first day at San Diego Comic-Con has me exhausted. It's just after 1:30 in the morning, and I have to be up early to do some press roundtables of some of the new shows coming to television this fall -- which you'll hopefully be reading about before ...

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Sources: Don't Expect 'Caprica' Comic-Con Announcement

Syfy expected to make announcement at television critics event in August

Fans have been eagerly waiting to hear whether or not Syfy will pick up "Battlestar Galactica" spinoff for a second season. But such an announcement may not come in time for San Diego Comic-Con next week. "Caprica" aired its first 10 episodes earlier this year to slightly below-average ratings. B ...

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'Flash Gordon' Will Be A Comic Book Origins Story

EXCLUSIVE: Director Breck Eisner says not to expect the 'crap' version Syfy aired in 2007

The year was 1934 and the "Buck Rogers" adventure strip was a huge success. Hoping to break into the lucrative goldmine that were science-fiction comics, Alex Raymond conceived of a new futuristic superhero who could protect the Earth and liberate alien worlds from merciless villains. And so "Fl ...

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