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Stargate Composer Joel Goldsmith Dies At 54

UPDATED: Was the son of famed Star Trek musician Jerry Goldsmith

The music world has lost another great television and movie composer. Joel Goldsmith, whose music appeared in more than 350 episodes of Stargate across three franchises, has died. He was 54. No cause of death has been released, but the news was announced early Monday morning by Stargate news site ...

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'Primeval: New World' Grabs Colin Ferguson, Lexa Doig

Canadian series preps for premiere, still no word on when it comes to U.S.

There will not only be a new world for the upcoming series "Primeval: New World," but there will also be some new cast. Colin Ferguson and Lexa Doig are among the bigger names joining the Entertainment One series, a Canadian spinoff the popular show that aired for five seasons on ITV-1 in the Uni ...

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'Saving Hope' - Pilot

Full of lens flare and meh

This review may contain spoilers A new genre medical drama with Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks, "Stargate: SG1") and Lois Lane (Erica Durance, "Smallville") premiered, and of course I tuned in. The show starts off with a fairly small bang as the taxi Alex Reid (Durance) and Charles Harris (S ...

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'Stargate SG-1' Could Take New Life In Digital Realm

Cryptic announcement has some fans getting excited

It doesn't look like there are any efforts to revive "Stargate SG-1" as a television show, but as a franchise -- there could very well be some more life soon. Just what it is that fans will get, that's what we're still waiting on. Ordino Studios, an application and game production studio locat ...

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'Smallville' - Shield

The season's focus becomes a little bit clearer

This review may contain spoilers. You have to hand it to the creative team behind Smallville. Considering the fact that it has been on the air for nearly a decade, the sharpness of the series this season and the promise its showing as it draws nearer to its super conclusion are surprising, to say ...

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Aquaman Returning To 'Smallville'

Alan Ritchson will reprise his role as the iconic comic book character

Showrunners for The CW's "Smallville" keep adding familiar faces for the show's 10th and final season. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello says the amphibious superhero Aquaman will return in time for November sweeps. He was last seen in Season 8 having been unmasked by LutherCorp. It ...

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'Smallville' Casts New Villains

Changes bring new and old faces back to Superman series

This article contains spoilers. "Smallville's" ninth season finale was bleak indeed. As Clark Kent (Tom Welling) was fighting for his life on the roof of a Metropolis skyscraper, the walls were pounding in around his comrade, Green Arrow (Justin Hartley). At the time, both events seemed connec ...

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