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Can Plastic Dinosaurs Save 'Terra Nova'?

Jason O'Mara wants fans to send them to Fox

If fans needed any more indication (than the tons of coverage here telling them so) that "Terra Nova" is in trouble, then hear it right from the dinosaur's mouth. And since we don't understand how dinosaurs communicate, we have to listen to "Terra Nova" star Jason O'Mara instead. O'Mara, who ...

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Visual Effects Issues Push 'Terra Nova' To Fall

Fox changes mind about May sneak peek of Steven Spielberg series

Sometimes even the best ideas need a little more time to cook. "Terra Nova" will not get the "Glee" route and air a preview episode in May as previously planned. Instead, Fox will debut the series, which stars Jason O'Mara, Stephen Lang and Shelley Conn, in the fall. The reason? The visual eff ...

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'Terra Nova' Not Plagued By Cost Overruns

Reporters describe the series having an 'Avatar' visual feel

Fox is ready to give America a sneak peek at its new "Lost" in time series "Terra Nova" in May. And despite the delays on getting it on the schedule, the network remains quite excited about it. And when we say "excited," we mean, "not costing us extra money." Peter Rice, Fox's entertainment ch ...

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'Terra Nova' Renewal Could Depend On Mid-Season Flop

Fox wants to see how spring shows fare before making decision

The decision on whether or not to renew "Terra Nova" is no longer up to the big-budget dinosaur epic to perform. It now all depends on Fox's mid-season schedule to not perform. During Sunday's Television Critics Association winter press tour, Fox president Kevin Reilly said that "Terra Nova" was ...

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'Fringe' Is Money-Loser For Fox

UPDATED: Could Warner Bros. shop 'Fringe' elsewhere?

If anyone is trying to discard the reputation of Fox of not giving science-fiction shows a chance, network president Kevin Reilly says he hopes what's happening to "Fringe" changes that. Despite operating in the red for the last couple of seasons for the network, Reilly has kept the show around. ...

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Fox Alleviates A Little 'Fringe' Pressure

Says show just has to match last year's audience to stay alive

"Fringe" won't be winning any awards for the largest television audience, but it doesn't need to for Fox to keep it on its schedule. Kevin Reilly, the president of Fox programming, said no one at Fox expects the audience for "Fringe" to grow next season. In fact, if the size of the audience remai ...

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'Fringe' Moving To Fox Graveyard: Fridays

Two Strips of Latinum: The move is seen as a herald of bad news for fans

Fans of the Fox show Fringe are extremely distressed at the news that it's being moved to Friday nights on the network. The move was caused by Fox's decision to shift "American Idol" to Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, instead of moving the show to Tuesdays with Glee, the decision was made to ...

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Fox Moves 'Fringe' To Fridays At Mid-Season

Possibly marks the beginning of the end for the J.J. Abrams show

When Fox decided to move "American Idol" to the Wednesday and Thursday slots on its schedule, "Fringe" had to go somewhere. But instead of joining "Glee" on Tuesdays, the X-Files-style program is going to hell instead -- Friday hell. Although Fridays is where "The X-Files" itself enjoyed a ra ...

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'Terra Nova' To Shoot In Queensland

Australia will be backdrop for Spielberg's time travel drama

It may be off the immediate schedule, but Steven Spielberg's newest adventure, the time traveling television series Terra Nova," will shoot in Queensland, Australia. Production is expected to begin in October. Spielberg is no stranger to the area, and HBO's war-time epic "The Specific" also was ...

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Fox Remains Confident In 'Fringe' Despite Lower Ratings

Network brass said they plan little interference in what's going on there

Many fans felt that Fox moving "Fringe" to the heavily competitive Thursdays would be the move that killed the show. While ratings did take a beating, Fox's confidence in the show created by the "Star Trek" movie team of J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, did not, and a lot of those fee ...

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