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BBC America To Air 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Dec. 25

The wait has moved from days to mere hours

Just because you're an American doesn't mean you should have to wait for "Doctor Who." In an effort to stamp out online piracy completely, BBC America says it will air this year's Christmas special the same day actual BBC watchers across the pond get to see it: Christmas Day. "'Doctor Who' has ...

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'Doctor Who' Will Explain River Song

Showrunner also reveals why 'Doctor Who' will never be 'Battlestar Galactica'

"Hello Sweetie ... " may be shrouded in mystery for now, but in Season 6, "Doctor Who" will offer some answers regarding the enigmatic River Song. The character, played by Alex Kingston, was originally introduced in Season 4, when David Tennant was at the controls of the Tardis, with hints, nudge ...

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Rainbow Daleks Ditched From 'Doctor Who'

PLUS: Christmas special is fast tracked internationally

When The Doctor (Matt Smith) materialized in World War II last season only to come up against a new Dalek plot, fans expected fireworks. Instead, what they received was a grade-B invasion scheme hatched by some technicolor Daleks that resembled Teletubbies. In the episode, the old Daleks from Rus ...

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Mark Sheppard Signs Up For 'Doctor Who'

Popular genre character actor will play a 'huge' role in Season 6 premiere

To some, he's the demon Crowley. To others, he's a backwater merchant known as Badger. Regardless of how you know him, actor Mark Sheppard is about to take on another iconic genre role : this time in the United Kingdom. Sheppard has signed on for a role in the upcoming sixth season of BBC's " ...

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'Doctor Who' Dominates 2010 Portal Awards

David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and series itself big winners

Fans will definitely miss David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. At least those who took the time to participate in Airlock Alpha's 2010 Portal Awards. Tennant won Best Actor/Television (by a landslide) and Davies picked up the Gene Roddenberry Award for lifetime achievement on this third try as "D ...

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