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John Simm Not Planning 'Doctor Who' Return

PLUS: Who is the real star of 'Doctor Who'?

John Simm made a huge impression with "Doctor Who" fans with his popular portrayal of The Master in the revived series, but he won't be returning this season to revive the character. "In reply to many, regardless of what is says on IMDb, no I'm not returning to 'Doctor Who,'" Simm recently told f ...

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Russell T. Davies Loans Dalek To 'Doctor Who'

RTD Dalek will make an appearance with many of its kind in season opener

It's a reunion that Terry Nation would be proud of ... probably as long as the colorful iDaleks stay home. Steven Moffat is bringing every Dalek ever shown in "Doctor Who" to a single episode, the season premiere that kicks off this fall. And Moffat had to turn back to his old boss, former showru ...

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'Doctor Who' Will Debut New Companion At Christmas

UPDATE: Is Jenna-Louise Coleman's companion named Jasmine?

Jenna-Louise Coleman knew she was well on her way of landing what she described her dream job when producers and casting agents put her in the same room as "Doctor Who" star Matt Smith. Before jumping into the lion's den, Smith had some Doctorly words of advice for Coleman: "We're going to have t ...

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Harry Potter's Mark Williams To Guest On 'Doctor Who'

Filming begins on final season for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill

It's going to be a heavily hyped season of "Doctor Who" this year, and it won't just be because two popular companions will be departing in a "heartbreaking" way. Filming began this week for the seventh season of "Doctor Who," and BBC News is sharing some of the guest list that has been invited t ...

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Work Begins On Amy, Rory 'Doctor Who' Exit

PLUS: Toby Whithouse, Chris Chibnall return to writers room

Were you a fan of "School Reunion"? "Vampires of Venice"? How about the entire series of "Being Human"? If you answered yes to any of those, then good news: Toby Whithouse is coming back to pen an episode of "Doctor Who," according to Den of Geek. Whithouse, who is the developer of "Being H ...

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Sophia Myles Has 'Doctor Who' Fans A-Twitter

Or is it simply hype being generated by showrunner Steven Moffat?

The search is on to find an actor or actress that can fill the shoes of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. But will the tradition of looking back in order to look forward continue with Matt Smith's new companion in "Doctor Who"? Sophia Myles, who played Beths in the short-lived CBS series "Moonligh ...

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'Doctor Who' Special Falls To Record Low

'The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe' finishes with less than 9 million viewers

"Doctor Who" is still a Christmas tradition in the United Kingdom, but definitely not as much as it used to be. "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe," which guest-starred popular character actress Claire Skinner, captured just 8.9 million viewers, according to preliminary figures released by t ...

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Matt Smith: I Ain't Leaving 'Doctor Who'

Actor says he won't be following his companions out the Tardis doors

Matt Smith is The Doctor, and he's not going to go away quietly. Or, at least, not yet. Smith is looking to dispel speculation that he could be following companions Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill to the studio exit after next season of "Doctor Who," providing new hope he will be The Doctor by th ...

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Karen Gillan Makes Post-'Doctor Who' Plans

Actress shares that she wasn't nervous taking over such a big role

Now that Karen Gillan has an end date in sight for the departure of Amy Pond from "Doctor Who," what's going to be next for the 23-year-old actress? Ahead of the departure announcement, Gillan sat down with the Los Angeles Times and expressed a desire to get back up and perform in front of audien ...

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Karen Gillan Leaving 'Doctor Who' So Soon?

New rumors point to recast of popular companion

This story may contain spoilers. It's not the kind of thing "Doctor Who" fans want to hear right now. But there's a new (and solid) rumor circulating that both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving "Doctor Who" after the sixth season. Of course, 'tis the season for departure rumors like ...

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