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'Eureka' - O Little Town

Celebrating the holiday season with Secret Santas, Santa-ology and holographic reindeer

This article may contain spoilers.   When last seen at the end of summer, “Eureka” was saying good-bye to the delightful Dr. Charles Grant (James Callis) and wiggling its way back through the worm-hole. Now permanently stuck in the alternate timeline where Fargo (Neil Grayston) is in cha ...

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'Eureka' - I'll Be Seeing You

Monkeying around with wormholes has serious repercussions

This article may contain spoilers. Violation of the time-travel protocols is the least of our heroesproblems. From what we have seen, Dr. Charles Grant (formerly Dr. Trevor Grant) (James Callis) has been tinkering with time itself in order to get the result he wants. He may have hitch-hiked back ...

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'Eureka' - The Ex-Files

Therapy should not actually conjure hallucinations of ex's and drive one insane

This article may contain spoilers. Feeling a bit reminiscent of a M. Night Shyamalan story, this weeks episode allowed each of our Eurekians to delve deep into their psyche and face their deepest insecurities. For Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), his deep dark secret insecurity was admitting that he ...

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'Eureka' - Stoned

Pursuing one's heart desire is tricky when you are standing in your own way

This article may contain spoilers. Between Dr. Old Spice and the one crappy rule "we can't tell anyone," the pressure was on Jack (Colin Ferguson) and Henry (Joe Morton) to make a declaration of love. True love should not be so hard. But in Eureka it is perhaps the most elusive of all mysteries. ...

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'Eureka' - The Story of O2

A race to the moon demonstrates that too much oxygen is downright deadly

This article may contain spoilers. Helicopter parents were the theme of this episode with both Jack (Colin Ferguson) hovering over Zoe (Jordan Hinson) freaking her out at Harvard and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) hovering over Kevin (Meshach Peters) and nearly killing everyone in the proce ...

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'Eureka' - All the Rage

With zombies, killer bees, gummy mines, and disappearing tools, Eureka fights for its sanity

This article may contain spoilers. Out of chaos comes a cleansing of repressed emotions and lurking fears. Jack (Colin Ferguson), Jo (Erica Cerra), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Henry (Joe Morton) are still acclimating to this new world where everything they love ...

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'Warehouse 13,' 'Eureka' Get Previewed!Watch as if you were sitting right there at San Diego Comic-Con!

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'Eureka' - Founder's Day

A visit to the past alters the present with unexpected, mischievous complications

This article may contain spoilers. Returning to Eureka just as the town is amidst preparations in celebration of Founders Day, everyone appears to be struggling their own personal transitions. Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is coping with separation anxiety since Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is away at ...

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'Eureka' Returns With Trip Down Wormhole

Jaime Paglia and Colin Ferguson share a few sneak peeks from the Syfy show's game-changing fourth season

There is a big game-changing twist coming to "Eureka," and the show isn't wasting any time introducing it as it pops up in the first two episodes of the new season, which begins Friday on Syfy. In fact, during a recent conference call with reporters from news outlets that included Airlock Alpha, ...

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