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Smallville - Abandoned

Another potential disaster averted this season

This review may contain spoilers. After the previous episode saw the return of General Lane and the introduction of the Vigilante Registration Act into this seasons already-loaded storyline, Abandoned represents a detour from the established plotlines that have made this final season so riveting. ...

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Erin Way Joins 'Alphas' In Season 2

Show will return in July on Syfy

"Alphas" returns in July not only with the launch of a second season, but also with a new cast member. Erin Way, who has appeared in "Detroit 1-8-7" and "I ...

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'Smallville' - Lazarus

The final season starts with a whimper

This review contains spoilers. You can't help but feel cheated watching the season opener of "Smallville," especially when the series is on the verge of achieving its destiny and becoming "Superman." Sure, Clark (Tom Welling) almost flies, and Lois (Erica Durance) finally learns the true identity ...

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Aquaman Returning To 'Smallville'

Alan Ritchson will reprise his role as the iconic comic book character

Showrunners for The CW's "Smallville" keep adding familiar faces for the show's 10th and final season. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello says the amphibious superhero Aquaman will return in time for November sweeps. He was last seen in Season 8 having been unmasked by LutherCorp. It ...

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Supergirl Returns To 'Smallville'

CW series also will wave goodbye to Allison Mack

In a Kryptonian-heavy ninth season, many fans were left wondering what happened to Kara Kent in all the apocalyptic festivities. Well, it looks like Season 10 will at least offer some answers. Laura Vandervoort, who currently plays V girl Lisa on the ABC series, has signed on to return to the ...

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