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Comic-Con 2010 - Day One

See where BlipNetwork reporters are going to be

Happy first day of Comic-Con! I am sitting at Tampa International Airport right now in Florida, and it's about 7:30 a.m. local time waiting for our flight, which leaves for Dallas in about an hour, and then on to San Diego. Traveling with me is Bryant Griffin, the editor of Rabid Doll, since ...

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Busy Chase Masterson Still Honors Her Trek Roots

EXCLUSIVE: The former 'Deep Space Nine' actress joins The Federation fan group

Chase Masterson is a lot of things, but she isn't just the Dabo girl from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." The actress, who played a mysterious lounge singer in "Yesterday Was a Lie," has been keeping a lock as a favorite among Star Trek fans, and is now the new face of The Federation, the Star Trek ...

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