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It's Still Cooking, But Syfy Keen On 'Warehouse 13' Spinoff

PLUS: Christmas episode to be focused on Pete Lattimer

Syfy likes to talk about projects before they are really developed (see: Farscape Web series, new Quantum Leap series, just to name a couple), but they aren't always just fantasy. Jack Kenny, the showrunner for Syfy's top-rated series "Warehouse 13," says he is indeed working on a spinoff show in ...

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Not So Fast On 'Warehouse 13' Spinoff, Syfy

Cable channel's showrunner for top-rated program sets record straight on H.G. Wells

Jack Kenny was casually sharing some ideas with Syfy when he pitched a potential spinoff to his hit show, "Warehouse 13." The idea would have Helena G. Wells -- a character introduced in the show's first season played by Jaime Murray -- back in the late 19th century, working for Warehouse 12, and ...

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Syfy Developing 'Warehouse 13' Spin-Off

New steampunk series will focus on H.G. Wells

Since its premiere, "Warehouse 13" has been an important part of Syfy's summer line-up. The bizarre dramedy show quickly set a new record for the cable channel as the most watched series in its history, with an average of 3.4 million viewers tuning in last year. Now, according to The Hollywoo ...

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Genre Missed Chance To Pioneer Gay Frontier

It's OK to be gay now (at least to some people), but it wasn't always that way in sci-fi

This story contains some coarse language. People across the country, across the world, took a minute Wednesday to show their support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered teens, letting them know they are not alone in the world, and that same world was by their side. Yet, even with the ...

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Warehouse 13 - Reset

The end of the world is scary, but nothing compares to the pain of losing a partner

This article may contain spoilers. Last week revealed what we had suspected all along: H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) was a villain -- and like any villain, she had her own warped reasons for wanting to destroy the world. Whereas at the end of season one, MacPhearson (Roger Rees) just wanted to sell a ...

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TV Watchtower: A Look Back At 'Warehouse 13' Season 2

Familiar faces, cool artifacts and pathos wrapped in comedy provided an entertaining season

Warehouse 13 is an interesting blend of slapstick comedy masking some intense, dark -- and more often than not -- tragic storylines. Warehouse 13 just knows how to sugarcoat things. It kind of feels like The X-Files on Pop Rocks and, with that kind of sugar-rush, it is impossible to not fall under i ...

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