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Preview: 'Awake' Is Like Two Series In One

Jason Isaacs easily sheds his Harry Potter facade to take on fascinating new project

Television is full of copied formulas. You know, the singing competition show, the police procedural, the musical, and did I mention the police procedural? Each one has some minor unique property to it, but deep down, it's pretty similar to any other successful show you or someone you know is wat ...

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Quick Death Of 'The Firm' Opens Doors For 'Awake'

Series stars Harry Potter favorite Jason Isaacs

Can you get used to seeing Jason Isaacs without the long blond hair? You will within minutes of the debut of "Awake," an alternate universe-style crime drama that NBC will hope and pray will become a much-needed hit. "Awake" is set to debut March 1 in a Thursday 10 p.m. timeslot that neither "Pri ...

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