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'Wonder Woman' Pilot Gets 'Caprica' Director

Jeffrey Reiner close to replacing McG on up/down David E. Kelley project

With McG no longer available to help out producer David E. Kelley in his "Wonder Woman" pilot for NBC, it looks like our Amazon heroine will get a boost from a strong name in the genre. Jeffrey Reiner -- who directed the pilot episode of the "Battlestar Galactica" spinoff "Caprica" as well as fiv ...

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McG Tipped To Helm 'Wonder Woman'

Director will be charged with re-establishing Diana Prince for a new generation

"Wonder Woman" hasn't been seen on the small screen since 1979, and last month it looked like it would stay that way after NBC (and other networks) passed on the proposed remake of the comic book property. However, the project didn't remain in limbo for long and now the series has been given a pi ...

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Two Strips Of Latinum: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Ron Moore

A busy weekend brings some interesting news

Readers are looking at the headline for this week's column wondering what these three terms have in common. The answer is that all three were in the news over the weekend. Two were pilots picked up by networks, and the other was a casting decision regarding an upcoming movie. A couple of week ...

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Networks Say No To 'Wonder Woman' ... All Of Them

Warner Bros. Television insists the David E. Kelley project ain't dead, however

It's not dead. It's just sleeping. That's what our parents said when the goldfish died, and that's what Warner Bros. Television is hoping fans will believe now that it appears "Wonder Woman" is dead in the water. NBC was the last network to get a crack at the attempted revival of the DC Comic ...

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