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'Fringe' - Do Shapeshifers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Shapeshifters and sex -- what more do you need?

This review may contain spoilers. This week's episode of "Fringe"-- which took place in our world instead of the other side -- was all about feelings, both real and fake. Is Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) growing a real attachment to Peter (Joshua Jackson)? Is Peter too blinded by his feelings for Olivia ...

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Anna Torv Talks Olivia Vs. Fauxlivia

Playing two characters from two alternate universes, without the goatee, can be challenging

It's been kind of tough, but really fun. Unlike her co-star Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv really does have to pull double duty on Fringe this season. While shes still being given the same amount of screentime, shes doing it as two different (but inherently similar) characters. And she even addresses ...

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'Fringe' - The Plateau

Olivia takes on her first case with the Other Side's Fringe Division.

This review may contain spoilers. The third episode season is the second week of "Fringe" on the Other Side and the continuation of Olivia's (Anna Torv) story from the season premiere. Our Olivia is now imprinted with the memories of Faulivia, and she's back in the field with the Other Side's Fri ...

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'Fringe' Audiences Pick Up Where They Left Off

Large audience drop from 'Bones' could soon concern Fox

There is one thing that "Fringe" has to be thankful for: It's not "Lone Star." Yet, it's impossible to talk about the J.J. Abrams show without applying the adjective "ratings challenged." That's because "Fringe" returned for its third season with a 3.5 rating/5 share in Fast National overnight ra ...

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'Fringe' - Olivia

In the third season premiere, Olivia tries to prove that she's not crazy by acting like a crazy person.

This review may contain spoilers. "Fringe" is back for its third season, ladies and gentleman! It's been far too long, you guys. The majority of the episode takes place on the other side, where Olivia (Anna Torv) has been experimented on by Walternate's people in an attempt to replace her memo ...

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Brannon Braga Takes Full Control Of 'Terra Nova'

David Fury leaves, citing the dreaded 'creative differences'

A family's trip to prehistoric times not only is delayed, but it's now missing a member of the expedition. David Fury has departed from Fox's upcoming "Terra Nova," citing "creative differences." The executive producer of the pilot, who had been working on the first batch of episodes for the Stev ...

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'Terra Nova' To Shoot In Queensland

Australia will be backdrop for Spielberg's time travel drama

It may be off the immediate schedule, but Steven Spielberg's newest adventure, the time traveling television series Terra Nova," will shoot in Queensland, Australia. Production is expected to begin in October. Spielberg is no stranger to the area, and HBO's war-time epic "The Specific" also was ...

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'Star Trek 2' Inspired By 'Cowboys And Aliens'

PLUS: Problem with 'Fringe' is there are too many possibilities

Space always has been the final frontier, but the sequel to J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" will take some cues from the old Western frontier thanks to the latest Hollywood genre mash-up, "Cowboys and Aliens." Details on the plot of the new movie are being carefully kept under wraps (although that hasn' ...

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Fox Remains Confident In 'Fringe' Despite Lower Ratings

Network brass said they plan little interference in what's going on there

Many fans felt that Fox moving "Fringe" to the heavily competitive Thursdays would be the move that killed the show. While ratings did take a beating, Fox's confidence in the show created by the "Star Trek" movie team of J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, did not, and a lot of those fee ...

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Fox Delays 'Terra Nova' To Fall 2011

However, the network will sneak preview the pilot next spring

Fox cancelled a proposed panel for its new Steven Spielberg genre series "Terra Nova" from San Diego Comic-Con last month saying it just wasn't ready to go. And now those delays are creeping into the network's schedule as well. "Terra Nova" has been bumped from Fox's midseason slate to Fall 2011, ...

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