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SciFriday: Comic-Con Remains Geekdom's Super Bowl

Some afterthoughts from the annual San Diego event

On the plane ride from Tampa to San Diego, I was sitting next to Bryant Griffin, doing some last-minute mapping on how our time would be spent at San Diego Comic-Con. You should know Bryant as the news editor of Rabid Doll, but to me, he's a friend I've known for almost a decade, and not only is ...

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SciFriday: Making The Trek To Comic-Con

Michael Hinman talks about what will be his third trip to the geekdom mecca

It's real late on a Thursday night, and I'm just plain exhausted. I spent the first part of the week putting together an Alpha Waves Radio broadcast that hadn't even been regularly scheduled (but turned out to be an awesome interview with Deric A. Hughes and Benjamin Raab from "Warehouse 13"). I' ...

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SciFriday: The Syfy Brand, One Year Later

A look at how much a new name can make a difference

A year ago this week, the SciFi Channel changed the name it had used for nearly two decades, and became Syfy. There were a lot of question marks surrounding the change, especially since the online public reaction was not very good. In fact, I remember considerable talk about this being a branding ...

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