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Comic-Con Calms Fear Over Single-Day Badges

Says four-day badges kept some people from attending

The organizers behind the popular San Diego Comic-Con have explained their new policy to no longer sell four-day badges anymore, saying that offering just single-day badges is more convenient for those wishing to attend.

The move was not met with much popularity among fans. But San Diego Comic Convention, which runs the event, said in a membership update published Friday that despite the fact there was no longer a discount for buying all four days, many people were still opting for all the days when they only intended to take part on just one or two days.

That, in turn, blocks out someone else who may have wanted to actually attend on those days.

In fact, it is still quite easy to get a four-day badge, organizers said. When getting to the day selection screen, simply selecting the badge for the preview on Wednesday will lock in the rest of the days.

“We hope this change will allow attendees to purchase only the days they truly need and maximize the number of people who can get a badge to attend Comic-Con,” organizers said in a release.

Tens of thousands of people cram into the San Diego Convention Center, and the surrounding business district each July for the event, which will take place this year July 24 through 27, with the annual preview night on July 23.

Even with the explanation, some fans took to Twitter to air some of their frustrations — but the reactions were mixed.

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