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Stargate Producer Tapped For ‘Echoes’

Pilot script in development with Canadian broadcaster

Carl Binder, who served as an executive producer for the Stargate television franchise, has been hired to write the pilot for “Echoes,” a new science-fiction series.

Spearheaded by Don Carmody Television, “Echoes” is set in the year 2021 and follows the journey of Sonya, a young woman trying to survive after two warring extra-terrestrial species bring their intergalactic battle to planet Earth.

Binder will serve as showrunner should the project be picked up for a full season.

“With Carl’s mastery of the genre and one of the best sci-fi visual effects team on the planet, we hope to bring the world and aliens of ‘Echoes’ to life for the millions of fans of the genre the world over,” said David Cormican, executive vice president of Don Carmody Television.

Oscar-winning film producer Don Carmody (“Chicago”) acquired the rights for “Echoes” from co-creators Mark Savela, Ken Kabatoff, Andrew Karr and Craig Van Den Biggelaar as part of an expansion into the world of global television production. Although currently under development with an undisclosed Canadian broadcaster, “Echoes” will be shopped to international buyers at MIPCOM this week.

Originally created in 2011 after the cancellation of “Stargate Universe” by Syfy, test footage for “Echoes” was shot for pitching purposes. It starred Jennifer Spence as Sonya and Mike Dopud as a battle-worn soldier called Nolan. Both Spence and Dopud had recurring roles on “Stargate Universe,” but it’s unknown if they will return for “Echoes” now that it’s in active development.

Savela and Karr have served as a visual effects supervisors for well-known sci-fi shows like “Stargate SG-1,” “Stargate Atlantis,” “Stargate Universe” and “Primeval: New World.” Kabatoff was a production assistant on “Stargate Universe” and is working on “Falling Skies.” Van Den Biggelaar was involved in visual effects for “Stargate SG-1,” “Stargate: The Ark of Truth,” “Stargate: Continuum” and the found-footage superhero movie “Chronicle.”

“Echoes” is not the only science-fiction series to come out of the cancellation of “Stargate Universe.” Stargate producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are working on “Dark Matter,” a project based on their Dark Horse comic book of the same name. The show has been shopped to different networks in the past couple of years and is still in slow development.

The series could premiere in late 2014 or early 2015.

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