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Earth Republic Expands With ‘Defiance’ Cast Additions

William Atherton, Anna Hopkins play loyalist in town occupation

“Defiance” is expanding its territory when it returns to Syfy in 2014, and has added two new additions to its cast.

William Atherton and Anna Hopkins have joined the show as regulars as the town of Defiance suffers through an occupation by the Earth Republic.

Atherton will play a high-ranking Earth Republic official, Viceroy Mercado, the commanding officer of James Murray’s Maj. Pottinger — who will also be the new mayor of Defiance. Mercardo is described as “ruthless, quick-tongued and sarcastic, fond of peppering his sentences with obscure old Earth cultural references and mocking younger subordinates for being too young to understand.”

Mercado will not be blind to how manipulative Pottinger is, but looks the other way because he gets results. The character is also said to have a secret that “would shock his colleagues and the townspeople of Defiance.”

Hopkins will play Jessica “Berlin” Rai, an Earth Republic soldier and documentarian who makes propaganda films that shine a positive light on the Earth Republic occupation of Defiance. She grew up during the Pale Wars, and sees the government as one that protects and unites by any means necessary. She will also become the center of a love triangle, according to a Syfy release.

Atherton has a decent genre resume including “Lost,” “Stargate SG-1,” “The Outer Limits,” “The Twilight Zone” and playing Walter Peck in the 1984 film “Ghostbusters.” He got his start in the 1972 George C. Scott film “The New Centurions.”

Hopkins appeared in “Stephen King’s Dead Zone” in 2007 as a waitress, so “Defiance” will be her second genre credit. She also appeared in “Nikita” and “Law & Order.”

Filming for “Defiance” has already begun in Toronto, set for a June 2014 debut.

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