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Stargate To Get Feature-Film Reboot

Roland Emmerich is interested in doing a trilogy

It was already clear Roland Emmerich was interested in bringing Stargate back to the big screen, ignoring nearly 20 seasons of television.

But apparently the producer is interested in forgetting all about his 1994 film that started it all as well.

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot,” Emmerich recently told Digital Spy. “Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

That does suggest that Emmerich himself would not craft the reboot trilogy himself. Emmerich, who would go on to do films like “2012” and “Day After Tomorrow,” said he abandoned ideas of continuing the original “Stargate” movie from 1994 because 20 years of time have really changed stars Kurt Russell and James Spader.

Spader will star in a new series, “The Blacklist,” on NBC. Now 53, Spader has since gone on to earn four Emmy nominations — winning three — as well as a Golden Globe nomination. All of that has been for his character of Alan Shore on the shows “The Practice,” and later “Boston Legal.”

Russell, 62, has been choosy about roles in recent years, although he is rumored to be joining the cast of “Fast & Furious 7.” He has been nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe, but both came before “Stargate.”

The news continues to be bad for fans of “Stargate SG-1,” and its spinoffs “Stargate: Atlantis” and “Stargate: Universe.” While Emmerich has always distanced himself from the television side of the Stargate franchise, the shows proved successful for Showtime, and later Syfy, although SGU lasted for just two seasons.

Emmerich will also work on sequels for the 1996 hit “Independence Day,” but will apparently hand that writing to someone else as well.

The original “Stargate” film in 1994 starred Russell as Col. Jack O’Neil and Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson. It grossed $71.6 million in North America, easily making back its $55 million budget. That box office finish would equate to $112.8 million when adjusted for inflation.

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