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Kevin Murphy Reveals Season 2 Details Of ‘Caprica’

It would’ve been the beginning of the human-Cylon war

The final episode of the “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff “Caprica” shared some of what could’ve been in Season 2 … but it appears it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Kevin Murphy, who ran “Caprica” in the second half of its first season (and is now the showrunner for the hit Syfy series “Defiance”), told a crowd at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday that Zoe was going to have a much more prominent role in a second season of the show, while the fact that she’s a Cylon was going to be kept secret.

“Once Zoe became the first skin job, we were going to go into a second season, and she was going to become a self-loathing Cylon,” Murphy said. “Zoe was going to join the Caprican Legionnaires, and her father was going to use his vast fortune to keep her a secret.”

Zoe, who was played in the series by Alessandra Torresani, was going to declare war against Polly Walker’s Sister Clarice, who in turn was going to form an uneasy alliance with Lacy, played by Magda Apanowicz.

“We would’ve taken out a sort of bridge to the outbreak of the first Cylon war,” Murphy said.

Murphy was a part of the annual Battlestar Galactica panel at Comic-Con hosted by Richard Hatch. Joining Hatch on the panel this year included “Battlestar Galactica” star Edward James Olmos as well as science advisor Kevin Grazier, writers Michael Angeli and Michael Taylor, Paul Leonard and more.

Hatch was a huge supporter of “Caprica,” saying that the spinoff was never given a chance. Syfy canceled the show after one season in 2010.

“I loved ‘Caprica,'” he said. “I wanted to see where ‘Caprica’ would go in the second season. So often, you never get enough time to lay the foundation.”

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