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Stephen King Likes ‘Under The Dome’ Changes

Says otherwise audiences wouldn’t be surprised by story

Stephen King may be one of the most adapted authors of all time, but the author has never expected anyone to stay completely true to his original story when putting that story on the screen.

That’s the same for “Under the Dome,” the new CBS summer series based on his 2009 novel. But that still has some of his biggest fans crying foul, saying the changes to the series are too much. King, however, disagrees.

“If you loved the book when you first read it, it’s still there for your perusal,” King told fans in a personal letter. “But that doesn’t mean the TV series is bad, because it’s not. In fact, it’s very good. Many of the changes wrought by Brian K. Vaughan and his team of writers have been a necessity, and I approved of them wholeheartedly.”

Entertainment Weekly highlighted some of the changes between the television series and the book, citing that nearly all the original characters are present, although some have been combined or given different jobs. But at the same time, many of the major elements remain, even if they end up in a different context than what was originally presented in the novel.

What’s really different? The amount of time they are under the dome (we’re talking a lot longer than a week), and the source of the dome itself.

King said that change was absolutely necessary.

“If the solution to the mystery were the same on TV as in the book, everyone would know it in short order, which would spoil a lot of the fun,” King said. “Besides, plenty of readers didn’t like my solution anyway.”

On top of that, fans like to be surprised, and not know of major plot points in advance, mentioning the infamous Red Wedding from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which was a driving force to its success as a book series.

“Under the Dome” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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