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A ‘Doctor Who’ Goodbye … From Detroit

Matt Smith takes a moment to thank everyone

Matt Smith is getting ready to say a very tearful goodbye as The Doctor. But first, Matt Smith the actor had to share his thanks to not only the cast and crew of “Doctor Who,” but most especially to the fans as well.

Recently, while filming Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster” in Detroit, Smith — sporting a buzz cut hair style — gave a silent thank you to everyone involved using a series of cue cards for the camera.

“Doctor Who land,” he started. “A message from me to you. Thank you to a marvelous crew, to the crazy Ginger one (former co-star Karen Gillan), to the one with the nose and funny bones (former co-star Arthur Darvill), to the impossible one in the short red dress (current co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman), and to the pen and scribe, my mate, Moff,” referring to showrunner and head writer Stephen Moffat.

“You da best,” Smith continued. “But most of all, without further ado, to the fans. To you, I owe the biggest thank you.”

Once he was done with the cue cards, Smith went on to to reiterate that thank you verbally, thanking everyone “for all your support over the last four years.”

“Stephen Moffat, all the brilliant cast and crew, just made the whole journey a marvelous one,” Smith said. “But what really makes this job truly spectacular is the fans, and the support from the fans is truly unique. And it means a lot.”

At the end, Smith shouts a big thank you, all from a street in Detroit.

Smith announced in May that he would depart “Doctor Who” after four seasons, making his final appearance in this year’s Christmas special. He’s the 11th actor to portray The Doctor, part of a franchise that celebrates its 50th anniversary in November. Smith will appear in the anniversary episode with David Tennant and Billie Piper, who are reprising their roles as The Doctor and Rose Tyler.

The special, which will also have a guest appearance by John Hurt, is rumored to be centered around the time period of the Time War, which has been alluded to in the reboot of the series since 2005 between the Daleks and the Time Lords that kind of resulted in the destruction of both races.

Smith will appear in those last two episodes before he is replaced by a new actor. However, that casting has not yet been announced.

To see the full video from BBC, click here.

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