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‘Man Of Steel’ Going Political With Immigration Reform?

Clark Kent is a true alien from another planet

This time around, it’s a very big deal that Clark Kent not only hails from somewhere else when he is found by his adoptive parents, but that he’s a (gasp!) … alien!

And as “Man of Steel” opens in theaters everywhere this weekend, one fan-based activist group doesn’t want the immigration status of this Superman to go unnoticed.

The Harry Potter Alliance — a fan group looking to take on various causes around the world — this week launched its “Superman is an Immigrant” campaign through its “Imagine Better Network.” The campaign, which was introduced through the site, is designed to “harness the power of one of our most beloved modern mythologies and its energetic fan base.”

“The idea is to use story parallels to realize our capacity to change the world,” said HPA co-founder Andrew Slack in a release. “In this case, we hope to engage people to support a better world for undocumented Americans.”

The campaign, according to the organizers, is inspired by Superman’s motto of defending truth, justice and the American way.

“The campaign is an entry point for fans of the film and of the Superman comics who may not be deeply embedded in the immigration debate,” the campaign said in a release. Those fans may become interested in standing in solidarity with undocumented Americans by participating with stories and images, and learning more about this one side of the immigration debate through the site’s partner in the project, Define American.

“No matter what our immigration status, our lives are interconnected as Americans,” said Jose Antonio Vargas, who leads Define American. “All along, the story of Superman and his motto for truth, justice and the American way is something that has connected us.”

The film itself is not getting into the debate, although it does reportedly touch on some immigration themes, even if it is indirectly.

“Man of Steel” was written by David S. Goyer based on a story he created with Christopher Nolan. It’s directed by Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon. It opens Friday in theaters everywhere.

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